Rupert Everett

29 May 1959, Norfolk, England
55 years

Rupert Everett is an English actor and singer. He´s been in movies like "My Best Friend's Wedding", "The Next Best Thing" and "Wild Target". He also plays the part as "Prince Charming's" voice in all the "Shrek"
movies. In 2001 he hosted the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.

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Rupert Everett: "Michael Jackson was a Freak"

Thursday 9:38 AM, 23/07/2009
British actor Rupert Everett is the first celeb to speak out against Michael Jackson since his sudden and mysterious death last month. In an interview with the The Mirror, Rupert held nothing back! He says it was better that Michael died before his big concert comeback because there is no way he would have completed all 50 concerts and the media would had another frenzy just like they did with Michael's molestation case. Rupert says that is what really killed Michael all the bad publicity he received for being a freakish character. Someone should tell Rupert it is not so classy to speak badly of the dead!
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