18 September 1976, Bento Ribeiro, Brazil
38 years

Milene Domingues, Daniela Cicarelli, Raica Oliveira
Ronaldo is a Brazilian soccer player who was once considered the best striker in the world. He was named world's best player in 1996, 1997 and 2002.

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Cristiano Ronaldo: "Paris is a great girl"

Monday 6:25 PM, 22/06/2009
No Paris for Cristiano!
Don't expect to see football hunk Cristiano Ronaldo and heiress Paris Hilton as a couple any time soon! Even though the couple enjoyed a hot hook-up last week in LA and Cristiano has been quoted as saying he really enjoyed talking to Paris and thinks she is a cool girl, he says there is no future for them. Cristiano says it is because they live on opposite sides of the world, but as we told you last week, we think it is because Cristiano loves the ladies too much to settle down with jsut one! Everywhere he has been on his summer break in the US so far, he has been spotted with different girls! (Source: TheSun)
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Paris : "We could be new Posh and Becks"

Monday 11:36 AM, 15/06/2009
Paris Hilton is obviously very excited about her hot hook-up with football star Cristiano Ronaldo last week, but does Cristiano feel the same way? Paris was overheard telling Cristiano at an after-party, that she thinks they could be great as a couple, the younger sexier version of Victoria Beckham and David Beckham, but we don't think Cristiano is too interested! This weekend he was spotted partying in Las Vegas with not one, but two young Portuguese ladies! We don't think Cristiano is the settling down type Paris, maybe its best to put those football wife fantasies away now! (Source: NOTW)
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Paris Hilton's String of Exes!

Friday 11:25 AM, 12/06/2009
Paris Hilton's String of Exes!
The 2 Paris! Paris got engaged to Paris Latsis in 2005 Josh Henderson 2007 Benji Madden 2008 Australian Tyler Atkins in 2007 Doug Reinhardt 2009 Stavros Niarchos in 2005 Adrien Grenier also in 2007 Alex Vaggo in 2007
As you know, our favourite heiress Paris Hilton and her latest boyfriend Doug Reinhardt split up a few days ago and already she has scored football hero Christian Ronaldo! Paris has always been a bit of a serial dater and actually she has dated some lovely guys! Paris' first very public relationship was with singer Nick Carter back in 2004 since then she has been with everyone from Greek shipping heir Stavros Niarchos, Entourage cutie Adrian Grenier and musician Benji Madden. They are all so different! We wonder if Paris will ever find love, and who will be her next try?


Will Paris ever settle down?

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Paris and Ronaldo Hook-up!

Friday 8:40 AM, 12/06/2009
Paris and Ronaldo Hook-up!
The sisters hit the town! Doug Who? The ladies! Looking just fine!
What better way to get over a relationship gone bad, than going out partying! Newly single Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky Hilton hit all the best night spots last night in LA, starting at Nobu for dinner and then ended off at My House nightclub for some girly fun". Guess who Paris ran into at the club? None other than football star Christian Ronaldo! The two were all over each other in the club and even left together for an after-party. Ronaldo then left Paris' at 5 am! Eat your heart out Doug! What a hot hook-up!


Paris and Ronaldo:

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Does Ronaldo Look Sick To You?

Thursday 5:44 PM, 11/06/2009
Looks just fine to us!
Such a hottie! Oops!
Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo withdrew from his national Portuguse team this week due to a suspected injury, but here he is in LA hitting the party scene! The hot 24-year-old soccer star was at the Villa lounge last night and did not look happy to be caugh on camera! We think he is probably going to get a lot of flack for flying straight to the States to party instead of going home to rest and recuperate from his hernia! We can understand that he is celebrating though, Ronaldo is about to be bought from Manchester United to go to Real Madrid for 80 million pounds!
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Hot like no other

Cristiano Ronaldo heats up Manchester!

Thursday 5:27 PM, 05/02/2009
Cristiano Ronaldo heats up Manchester!
Gorgeous! David who?
Football sensation Cristiano Ronaldo looks super fashionable and not to mention hunky while taking a break from practise in Manchester. What we would do to have a date with this one!
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