Rod Stewart

10 January 1945, London, England
70 years

Britt Ekland, Kelly Emberg, Rachel Hunter, Kimberley Conrad, Tracy Tweed, Caprice Bourret, Penny Lancaster
Rod Stewart is a successful British rocksinger who used to be a member of the bands The Jeff Beck Group and The Faces. His daughter Kimberley is friends with Paris Hilton and is often seen partying in Hollwyood.

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She Is Harry Styles New Famous Girlfriend: "Exactly His Type!"

Monday 8:24 AM, 29/04/2013
Kimberly Stewart. Harry leaving the restaurant where he had dinner with Kimberly and her family.
Harry Styles has a new flame on the hook, and just like some of his exes, she is also famous. Harry is dating 33-year-old Kimberly Stewart,...READ MORE ▶
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Harry Styles Is Hanging Out With Rod Stewart's Family!

Saturday 3:30 PM, 27/04/2013
One Direction's member Harry Styles got dinner with Rod Stewart and his family on Thursday night for unknowm reason, but sources claim that is migh...READ MORE ▶
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Top List: Rock Stars Who Moonlight as Grandpas!

Wednesday 11:30 PM, 12/10/2011
2. Lionel Richie is the adoptive father of Nicole Richie and a proud grandpa! 3. Rod Stewart may not act the part of a traditional grandfather in his pink suit, but on the other hand Kimberly Stewart never looked like a mom either! :) 4. Ozzy Osbourne is expecting his fifth grandchild, what a rocking grandpa! 5. Paul McCartney, has six grandchildren! OMG! How does he find the time?! 6. Mick Jagger maybe doesn't look like a grandfather, but he is!
Our grandpa's are old cute and retired, but not these rock star grandfathers! We love seeing rock stars like Steven Tyler and Ozzy Osbourne take the stage and really rock out, but sometimes we forget that these celebs are also family men! Click on the pics and check out our top six fave rock star grandpas!


Which Rock Star Grandpa Would You Choose?

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Kimberly Stewart and Benicio Del Toro's Love Child is Born!

Monday 9:01 AM, 22/08/2011
Congrats Kimberly! You're a dad Benicio!
We announced back in April that Kimberly Stewart, daughter of Rod Stewart, was pregnant and that Oscar-winner, Benicio del Toro, was the father! We...READ MORE ▶
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Old men - Young girlfriends!

Thursday 9:09 PM, 06/01/2011
Marilyn Manson and Evan Rachel Wood dated for a few years and that even though they are more than many years in age between them. We really do wonder what the beautiful Evan ever saw in Marilyn Manson, isn't he like super scary?! Keith Richards has to lean against his wife Patti Hansen just to stand up. Old? Him? Yes! The notorious model dater Flavio Briatore (who are the father to one of Heidi Klum's children) always has a new beauty by his side. Right now his dating Elisabetta Gregoraci and we guess that she is a bit pushed around by this older man, just look at their body language! Victoria Silvstedt always dates rich men, and this little man Mario is one of her favorites! His not only short though, his older too. There is an age difference of 25 years between Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart. But they still look pretty good together though, we think we like this couple.
They are old, grey, and their girlfriends are often the exact opposite- young, blond, and beautiful. It's sometimes really hard to understand why these young beauties choose to date old when they look as if they are ready to hit the hay, but some of the oldies really are golden not just in the money department! Here we give you a few examples to either like or be disgusted over!
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Sean Stewart Does a Hit and Run!

Thursday 3:49 PM, 17/09/2009
Sean Stewart Does a Hit and Run!
The damage It looks bad!
Luckily there were no other people in involved in this accident! Legendary singer Rod Stewart's bad boy son Sean Stewart crashed his Bentley car right into a curb in Hollywood yesterday! The crazh destroyed his left tire, making the car undriveable. So Sean got out and abandoned the scene of the accident! Tow trucks later came to remove the car. We hope Sean was just embarrassed about the accident and not driving under the influence!
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