Robyn is huge in the states!

Friday 7:08 PM, 02/05/2008

Swedish popstar Robyn was at the Virgin Megastore Union Square in New York City yesterday signing copies of her brand new album! A whole lot of fans showed up to see the Swede and Robyn even gave a mini-concert! Robyn is out on a USA tour now and tonight she'll perform in New York! Surprisingly enough the singer already has tons of fans in American, including celebrity blogger Perez Hilton! You can't ask for better publicity!
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lizzie(non member) 1
26/09/2008 11:11 AM
shes so f'cking ugly!! hate her voice! and she
thinks shes better than madonna! i mean dream on

Nicole (non member) 2
17/10/2008 6:56 PM
she sings so good but she is SO UGLY!

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