Robin Thicke

10 March 1977, Los Angeles, California, USA
37 years

Paula Patton
Robin Thicke is an American singer, songwriter and actor. He has sold over two million albums in the United States and he is also a Grammy Award Winner. Robin Thicke is the son of actor Alan Thicke and actress Gloria Loring known from the television series ?Days of our Lives?. He married his High school sweetheart actress Paula Patton in 2005 and in May 2010 the couple is expecting their first child. Robin Thicke has worked with stars such as Christina Aguilera, Will Smith and Leighton Meester.
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It's official - Paula Patton divorces Robin Thicke!

Thursday 11:27 AM, 09/10/2014
He tried and tried to get her back (he even named his latest album after her) but Paula Patton has now officialy filed for a divorce from R&...READ MORE ▶
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Paula Patton Is Dating Again!

Monday 12:31 AM, 22/09/2014
Paula Patton has moved on from Robin Thicke with a new boyfriend. The 38-year-old actress, who split from the "Blurred Lines" singer after a...READ MORE ▶
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Robin Thicke Reveals Why Wife Paula Patton Left Him!

Tuesday 3:16 PM, 16/09/2014
Paula Patton left her husband Robin Thicke in February this year, after being married for almost a decade. Now Thicke himself reveals why sh...READ MORE ▶
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Robin Thicke Has Given Up His Marriage With Paula Patton!

Monday 12:32 AM, 28/07/2014
Robin Thicke has finally given up on Paula Patton. The 37-year-old singer is reportedly done begging her to come back after their split ear...READ MORE ▶
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Robin Thicke Tries To Win Paula Patton Back With New Song!

Monday 1:27 PM, 19/05/2014
Last night during Billboard Music Awards, Robin Thicke once again tried to win his wife Paula Patton back. Patton left Thicke in February af...READ MORE ▶
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