Robert Pattinson Is The Sexiest Man Alive - Again! Yay Or Nay?

Robert Pattinson at the German premiere of 'Cosmopolis' at Kino International movie theatre. Berlin, Germany - 31.05.2012 *ot available for publication in Singapore* Credit: AEDT/
Robert Pattinson is officially the "sexiest man alive", - fourth time in a row! Well, at least according to Glamour's annual list. Some people might've thought he'd lose a little bit of his sexyness after girlfriend Kristen Stewart's big cheating scandal, but he's still going strong after months of crying and grieving. Anyhow, now that rumor has it they're getting back together he's stronger than ever - and apparently sexier than ever! Hotties like Johnny Depp and Taylor Lautner was beaten by the vampire, and we can only agree with Glamour... He. Is. Hot! (glamour)

What do you guys think? Is he a good winner or should someone else take the throne next year?!
Robert Pattinson
Robert Pattinson,
Robert Pattinson
Is he really the world's sexiest man alive?!
Robert Pattinson
Is he really the world's sexiest man alive?!
Robert Pattinson
Is he really the world's sexiest man alive?!
Published Oct 2 2012 3:59 PM
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