Robert Pattinson

May 3 2013 11:38 AM

Here's Why Robert Pattinson Hates Living With Kristen Stewart's Mom!

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been trying to keep a very low profile after finishing the Twilight movies, and now they've spent a lot of time with her mom, Jules Mann-Stewart, but that's not what Rob wants...

Apr 10 2013 8:08 AM

Robert Pattinson Got Kristen Stewart A Dog For Her Birthday!

Kristen Stewart is a very low-key person and so was her birthday celebrations yesterday...

Apr 9 2013 8:56 PM

Congratulations! Happy 23rd Birthday, Kristen Stewart!

Kristen Stewart has been in the spotlight for quite a while now, and we really dig her...

Mar 21 2013 8:05 AM

Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson Reunited After Two Months Apart!

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson have been apart for two months now, since he's been in Australia filming his new movie "The Rover", and because they both needed time apart to work on their relationship...

Mar 6 2013 9:56 PM

Kristen Stewart Is Desperate To Get Robert Pattinson Home From Australia!

Is the end near for everyone's favorite Twilight couple...

Mar 4 2013 7:07 PM

Top List! Movie Stars' Favorite Movies!

We see them every day on the big screen and they always appear in our favorite movies...

Feb 17 2013 2:10 PM

Romance Is Gone? KStew Left Alone On V-Day!

After a rather rocky year of serious up and downs, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson realtionship has become more strained than ever...

Feb 13 2013 9:39 PM

Taylor Lautner Celebrated His 21st Birthday With Kristen Stewart!

We thought the Twilight stars were pretty much done with each other, now that the movies are history...

Jan 31 2013 5:15 PM

Robert Pattinson Broke The Law Riding His Bicycle In Australia!

Robert Pattinson is currently in Australia, filming a new movie...