Robert Pattinson

13 May 1986, London, England
28 years

Nikki Reed, Camilla Belle, Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson is an actor, model, and musician. He's best known for playing Edward Cullen in the film adaptation of Twilight, and Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. He has also starred in the movies "Remember me" and Water for elaphants" where he played with Reese Whiterspoon. Robert Pattinson is known for not washing his hair.

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Everyone's Talking About: The MTV Movie Awards Kisses!

Tuesday 8:49 AM, 08/06/2010
The best kiss award at the MTV Movie awards is the most exciting part of the night and fans especially love it! No big surprise that Twilight lovers Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson won the award for the second year in a row this year, but last year they never actually kissed so the crowd went wild screaming to make them kiss this year. Was it a proper kiss? Watch below and decide for yourself!

The kiss everyone is saying was the hottest of the night was between Scarlett Johansson and Sandra Bullock as Scarlett presented Sandra with her lifetime achievement awards, now that was steamy! In case you missed it here it is again too!

Robert and Kristen:

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Twilight Drama: Rob and Kristen Fighting on Set?!

Friday 11:51 AM, 14/05/2010
We think they are great together - don't break up!
Oh no it sounds like the honeymoon is over between real life Twilight couple Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart! The couple had a huge fight on the set while filming "Eclipse" reshoots in Vancouver recently. Eye witnesses say Kristen was reallly upset that Robert turned up a day late to Vancouver where the movie is shot. Kristen accused him in front of everyone of going to a Burlesque strip club in London and said that was why she thought he was late. Rob was really angry and the entire crew had to take a break while these two calmed down! An official spokesperson for Twilight has denied the story about the fight, but we think usually stories like this from movie sets are usually pretty accurate. We hope they kiss and make up soon! (Source: NYP)
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Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Confirm Relationship to Oprah!

Sunday 10:06 AM, 09/05/2010
If anyone can get people to talk it's Oprah and now it seems she's succeeded with the impossible! Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have always refused to talk about their rumored relationship but according to sources on the Oprah show they confirmed to Oprah that they are a couple, 100%. Before the Twilight-gang taped the show Oprah told Rob and Kristen that she promised not to push too hard on air as long as they told her beforehand what is really going on and we're not surprised to hear that the couple confirmed that they're dating! (Source: People)
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Latest news!

Robert Pattinson Acting Diva?!

Tuesday 8:41 AM, 04/05/2010
We hope Rob doesn't change, we loved him the way he was!
Over the weekend we showed you pictures of Robert Pattinson arriving back from Vancouver to LAX after a series of reshoots for the latest Twilight Saga movie Eclipse. Well now that the filming is finished the crew is gossiping! The word is that Robert, who used to be known as the sweetest and most down to earth of all the Twilight cast, has become a bit of a brat! We hear that Robert showed up a whole day late for filming and messed up the big "meadow scene" for everyone, but eventually it was all done. Is the fame finally going to Rob's head or is he just sick of the whole Twilight thing? We hope not! (Source: E!)
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Robert Pattinson Looking More Like Edward Every Day!

Monday 1:10 AM, 03/05/2010
We guess playing the guitar is a good way to make the day go faster!
Our favorite Robert Pattinson landed at LAX in Los Angeles last night after flying in from Vancouver where he's been filming Twilight: Eclipse. As you can see Robert looked rather pale and we assume he's been given strict orders to stay out of the sunlight, Edward is after all a vampire!
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TIME Top 100 List!

Friday 5:22 PM, 30/04/2010
Conan O Brien Robert Pattinson Oprah Winfrey Ashton Kutcher Neil Patrick Harris Taylor Swift Sir Elton John Prince Simon Cowell Lea Michele
As we told you earlier today, its that time of the year - TIME magazine has released its famous 100 list. Lady Gaga has been named this year's most influential artist and we don't think anyone else could have been more deserving, with all the amazing things she has been doing this year! Other celebs like Oprah and Robert Pattinson also made the Artist section of the list. Here are some of our favourites. For the full list click here!
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