Robert Pattinson

13 May 1986, London, England
28 years

Nikki Reed, Camilla Belle, Kristen Stewart
Robert Pattinson is an actor, model, and musician. He's best known for playing Edward Cullen in the film adaptation of Twilight, and Cedric Diggory in Harry Potter. He has also starred in the movies "Remember me" and Water for elaphants" where he played with Reese Whiterspoon. Robert Pattinson is known for not washing his hair.

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Newest Pics Of Robert Pattinson! Can You Tell He's Been Crying?!

Thursday 3:19 PM, 16/08/2012
Hey, you're fly's open!
We spotted Robert Pattinson being photographed with David Cronenberg at The Times Center in New York yesterday. But hey Rob, your fly is open! Anyway, Rob looked like he was in good spirits, and we hope he's doing ok!
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RPatz Didn't Even Mention KStew During New Interview!

Tuesday 8:15 AM, 14/08/2012
They had ice cream and a laugh together! Rob didn't mention Kristen's name...
Is Robert Pattinson over Kristen Stewart for good now? Yesterday Rob turned up at an interview with Comedy Central host Jon Stewart, but they didn'...READ MORE ▶
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He's back! Robert Pattinson Has Returned to Los Angeles Again!

Sunday 8:03 AM, 12/08/2012
Rob is finally back in L.A again! We are so proud of him!
It looks like Robert Pattinson's broken soul has healed enough to let him come back to society again! After two weeks hiding in Reese Witherspoon's...READ MORE ▶
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Posh24 Recap! What's Been Going On In Hollywood This Week?!

Friday 10:29 PM, 10/08/2012
Hey guys! It's Friday and as always we've been all about celebrity news, fashion trends and beauty secrets this week. And if you make sure to read ...READ MORE ▶
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Uh-hu! Robert Pattinson's Underwear!

Thursday 8:44 AM, 09/08/2012
Pull your pants UP Robby!
OMG Spotted! Robert Pattinson returned to his car i NYC -exposing his blue and white underwear! A little too much information if you ask us...
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KStew Wants To Reunite With RPatz On A Secret Island...

Wednesday 8:33 AM, 08/08/2012
She wants him back!
Kristen Stewart is definitely desperate right now. Robert Pattinson is still crushed about her big cheating scandal, and she's never been more sure...READ MORE ▶
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