Was your proposal a joke Robbie Williams?

Saturday 5:45 PM, 28/11/2009
Was your proposal a joke Robbie Williams?

The singer and practical joker Robbie Williams arrived in Los Angeles with his girlfriend Ayda Field Friday morning after he proposed to her on the air. Though he and his publicist have dismissed the proposal as a joke and Field arrived without an engagement ring on her finger, Williams mother confirmed the engagement and said that they`ve been together for nearly three years, so it`s about time. Is this a big step for the happy couple or just a trick played on hopeful fans and eager media outlets? We like Robbie so we hope that his proposal was for real!
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28/11/2009 6:11 PM
Thats like a cruel joke.. Thats so messed up, if
it was fake.
I hope it wasn't fake.

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