Rihanna confesses her relationship with Chris Brown?!

Wednesday 7:19 PM, 07/05/2008
Rihanna confesses her relationship with Chris Brown?!

Rihanna has always been very tight-lipped when it comes to her "friendship" with singer Chris Brown but in the June issue of American Elle she opens up just a little. "We've always been friends," says the singer, "but we're very close now." Since that's probably about as close as we'll get to an actual confession we're going to chose to interpret it as meaning that she and Chris are actually a couple! Rihanna has probably taken a lot of pointers from the most private couple in the world, Jay-Z and Beyonce, who haven't even confirmed that they are married yet! Source: People.
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Erreh (Posh24 member) 1
17/05/2008 6:38 PM
Usch vilka kläder ... ;/

The girl=)(non member) 2
18/05/2008 9:30 AM
love her go rihanna
%""%¤#/(6(6(#(388>#3((#3((38383 m.v.h ida

I luv u rihanna(non member) 3
18/04/2009 6:27 PM
I luv u rihanna nd i think u rock!!!! :p :p

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