20 February 1988, St. Michael, Barbados
26 years

Jay-Z, Shia LaBeouf, Omarion Grandberry, Josh Hartnett, Chris Brown
Rihanna is a young R&B-artist who was discovered in 2003 by producer Evan Rogers when he was vacationing on Barbados (where Rihanna is from). Evan introduced Rihanna to Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z and the rest is history. She had an incredible hit with the song Umbrella in 2007.

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Rihanna & Alexander Skarsgård In Movie Together!

Tuesday 8:55 AM, 27/07/2010
She will make a fab scifi star! He is such a hunk!
Hotness alert! It has just been offiicially announced that Rihanna will make her feature film debut and its a Sci-Fi action movie with True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard! Can you imagine how sizzzling those two will be on one screen together?!

The movie is called Battleship and is kind of inspired by the boardgame Battleship that we all played as kids, where you have to attack a fleet of ships, but you can't see where they are, so you have to guess...so it will be exciting action stuff! Don't know about you, but we can't wait to see both Rihanna and Alexander in tight, sci-fi battle outfits! (Source: Variety )
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This Week's Best Dressed Celebrities

Monday 4:19 PM, 26/07/2010
8. Cameron Diaz has simple, comfy elegance down! She just keeps hitting on the nose on the red carpet and this silver sparkly long-sleeved mini is a great example of that. We also love the simple ponytail and sunkissed makeup. She is golden! 7. We don't really know why we love this bright dotted onepiece Rihanna wore to an Aasics party this weekend, but it totally works for her. The colours look amazing with her red hair and her makeup was flawless as usual. We respect Ri-Ri so much for doing her own thing completely when it comes to style! 6. Whitney Port never bores and this little floral outfit with the sandals is a total summer winner and what says cute and sugary sweet better than a flower print? Thumbs up! 5. Kaley Cuoco tries something a bit darker and edgier than her normal style and we like it! This girl is still a bit hit and miss when it comes to fashion choices but we think she is really on to something here. Well done girl! 4. Jennifer Aniston looked clean and fresh and pretty at the launch of her perfume this week ini London. We just can't get enough of the bow details all over this strapless mini-dress and just like Jen, we are still absolutely into the nude trend! 3. Its not easy to compete with Angelina Jolie on the red carpet, but Naomi Watts did just that at the Salt premiere and we are sure she wasn't even trying to! This woman just knows how to look clean cut and sharp in whatever she wears. This metallic shift is fantastic on her and so is the hairdo! 2. Kate Moss is trendy without trying. We bet she didn't even really think before she threw on this black and white look and yet she is one in one of our favourite looks of the week. That leather jacket is just something special! We want it so badly! 1. How does Angelina Jolie do it? She seems reallly quite uninterested in fashion, but when she hits the red carpet she is just picture perfect. This Armani sparkling black mini hugs her in all the right places and shows off all her curves to the max. She doesn't seem to have even really bothered too much with her hair and makeup, but its all been done to perfection. So clever!
Its been a fun week for fashion and there has been a whole lot of leather, strapless dresses and clean cut summer looks. The usual fashionistas like Vanessa Hudgens and Whitney Port are on the list agaiin this week, but you might be surprised at what they are wearing! Oh and our tip for the week, you have to have a sparkly tube dress for this season's parties!


Who was best?

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Who Wore It Best - Jennifer or Rihanna?

Thursday 2:55 PM, 22/07/2010
Jennifer Lopez wore this Lanvin one shoulder dress to the UK premiere of her latest film "The Back-Up Plan" and everyone was talking about her strange hairdo. Then we spotted Rihanna wearing the same dress yesterday while out to dinner in Los Angeles, so we have to ask, who wore it best?


Who wore it best?

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Who is Rihanna Talking To?

Wednesday 4:03 PM, 21/07/2010
Love that dress on her!
Last night while leaving a dinner party at AGO restaurant in Los Angeles, Rihanna had no time to pose for the photogs in that hot little Lanvin mini-dress because she was too busy talking on her phone. Now the question on our minds is - who was she talking to? Up and til a few days ago we would have assumed it was Ri-Ri's new boyfriend sports star Matt Kemp, but since the rumours hit that Rihanna might be reuniting with her scandalous ex Chris Brown(read more here), we are just not so sure....
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Celebrity dogs and puppies!

Saturday 3:00 PM, 17/07/2010
Lindsay Lohan with her adorable white and fluffy puppy Jake Gyllenhaal with a very comfy puppy! Adam Sandler interviewing his dog Matzoball on The Tonight Show! Elton John let his dog to walk the red carpet with him! Paris Hilton with her infamous (and adorable) chihuahua Tinkerbell Mischa Barton with her über cute puppy! Miley Cyrus carrying her relatively big labrador puppy Orlando Bloom + a terrier puppy = our hearts melt Elijah Wood wore sunglasses that matched his dogs fur! Ashton Kutcher shows us that size doesn't matter, what an unlikely duo! Rihanna with her very tiny puppy! Mariah Carey and her dog dress alike! Britney Spears and a puppy prisoner! Oprah Winfrey and her dog in matching hairstyles! Perez Hilton & Goldendoodle Teddy Hilton, a fab duo!
It's no secret that the number one celebrity pets are dogs; what other accessory can double as a cuddle companion? Whether they're small, big, cute or hideous they're the reigning champions of the hearts of celebrities and they never seem to leave their masters sides! Have a look below at our celebrity pooch gallery and prepare yourself for some serious "Awww's" !
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In the moment - clogs & denim jackets!

Thursday 2:00 PM, 15/07/2010
Kelly Osbourne looked cool in a denim jacket and pink hair that matched her dress! Rihanna looked more innocent than usual in this pink dress & light denim jacket! Kylie Minouge looks super fresh in this denim jacket & white dress! Nicole Richie looked stylish in a denim jacket & black minnetonka shoes! Miley Cyrus went for a simple outfit with brown clogs! Maggie Gyllenhaal styled a long denim skirt with black clogs! Kate Beckinsale looks hobo-chic in clogs & a gray knitted cardigan! Reese Witherspoon looks amazing in a printed dress and denim jacket We're not too keen on the rest of Sarah Jessica Parkers outfit, but her clogs are fab! Ashlee Simpson goes back to black in clogs!
The two big trends of summer 2010 has definitely been clogs & denim jackets, and as usual all the celebrity fashionistas have been quick to embrace the trends! Rachel Bilson managed to combine both trends in one über cute outfit that she was seen wearing the other week. We adore her look and her Chanel bag is just the cherry on top! We have to say that we're quite keen on both these trends. Which of the two trends do you prefer the most? Clogs, Denim jackets or a maybe combination of both?


Which trend do you like the most - clogs or denim jackets?

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