20 February 1988, St. Michael, Barbados
26 years

Jay-Z, Shia LaBeouf, Omarion Grandberry, Josh Hartnett, Chris Brown
Rihanna is a young R&B-artist who was discovered in 2003 by producer Evan Rogers when he was vacationing on Barbados (where Rihanna is from). Evan introduced Rihanna to Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z and the rest is history. She had an incredible hit with the song Umbrella in 2007.

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The denim jacket is back!

Thursday 9:02 PM, 31/03/2011
Denim is always hot and never goes out of fashion, but you are welcome to experiment with the classic material! The denim jacket is ...READ MORE ▶
The denim jacket is back! Jessica Alba Kate Bosworth Reese Witherspoon Rachel Bilson Rihanna
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Rihanna Tells Rolling Stone: "I like to be spanked"

Thursday 1:24 PM, 31/03/2011
That's why she had the hair for so long - it was for the shoot maybe?! kinky girl!
If you pick up a copy of the latest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine with Rihanna on the cover, you might be in for a bit of shock! She opens up completely in the magazine about her sex life and we mean completely! In the interview Rihanna talks about what she likes in bed, what she buys at sex shops, what dirty things she does on skype and even shares some secrets about her ex Matt Its off the hook this interview! No wonder the cover shoot is so sexy! (read it here)
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Rihanna's amazing hairstyle transformation

Saturday 12:17 AM, 26/03/2011
She started her career as an innocent beach girl and has since grown to a music icon, fashionista and have a way to amaze and surpri...READ MORE ▶
With bang. Sweet little Rihanna... In long straightened hair. Cute. Maybe not the best looking hairstyle on her. Cocky! ...a bit shorter Black hair with pink lips. Sidcut and lighter hair. All in the style of black and dripping in pearls in an Elvis style haircut. Edgy in red! Big hair!
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Thursday 7:32 PM, 24/03/2011
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