20 February 1988, St. Michael, Barbados
26 years

Jay-Z, Shia LaBeouf, Omarion Grandberry, Josh Hartnett, Chris Brown
Rihanna is a young R&B-artist who was discovered in 2003 by producer Evan Rogers when he was vacationing on Barbados (where Rihanna is from). Evan introduced Rihanna to Hip Hop mogul Jay-Z and the rest is history. She had an incredible hit with the song Umbrella in 2007.

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Rihanna bilder och skvaller | Allt om Rihanna!

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Are They Kidding Us?! Celebrities' Weirdest Diva Demands!

Thursday 2:12 PM, 15/08/2013
2. Lady Gaga has asked for these weird things before perfoming:
- A mannequin with puffy pink pubic hair
- White leather couches, fresh roses and black satin drapes
- Old rock posters of David Bowie
- Peanut butter with flax seed that contain no more than 4g of sugar 3. Madonna has a 200-person entourage when she's out touring that includes 30 bodyguards, personal chefs, a yoga instructor, an acupuncturist and an on-site dry cleaner. 4. Katy Perry is a real diva! She has forbidden her drivers to start a conversation with her, and they're not allowed to stare at her through the rearview mirror either. The fridges at her hotel must come with a glass door, and she needs to have her dressing rooms draped in cream or soft pink. 5. Jennifer Lopez wants everything in her room to be all white. She needs white lounge areas, white covers for chairs, white candles and even white food such as fish. 6. Kanye West won't go nowhere if his driver isn't dressed in 100 percent cotton clothes. 7. Nicki Minaj must have two space heaters when she's staying somewhere and scented candles that smell like baked goods. 8. Jay-Z thinks alcohol is important. Expensive alcohol. He demands two bottles of $300 champagne and two $200 bottles of wine. 9. Adele wants beer and cigarettes before performing. If a fan gets free tickets to her show , they must make a donation to charity, and there are no exceptions. 10. Rihanna has no big diva demands, but she always wants Haribo gummies, Oreo cookis, mini Babybel cheese and cans of Red Bull at her hotel room.
If you're rich and famous you can have basically everything in just the blink of an eye, and as it turns out, many celebrities have all sorts of weird demands - simply because they can. Like how about forcing your driver to wear 100 percent cotton clothes or demanding an all white (from top to bottom) furnished room? Well, click on the pics and read about the top 10 weirdest celebrity demands!
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Rihanna's Dating Plans After Split From Chris Brown!

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Rihanna has been single since the split from her former boyfriend Chris Brown, but she doesn't have any plans to hook up with some other gu...READ MORE ▶
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Top 6! This Week's Best Dressed Hollywood Celebrities!

Tuesday 9:06 PM, 23/07/2013
2. Laura Whitmore's black and white look is really cool for both day and night. 3. Not all can pull off this look, but Rihanna most certainly can. 4. The color of Vanessa Hudgens' dress goes perfectly with her tan. 5. Elizabeth Chambers wearing the perfect party night look. 6. Doutzen Kroes knows a pair of jeans and a tee matched with heels can be the prettiest look ever.
We're right in the middle of summer, and we know how it's hard finding good fashion inspiration every single day. We've gathered six Hollywood celebrities that really impressed us this past week with their looks, so click on the pics and check out this week's best dressed celebrities!
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