Ricky Gervais

25 June 1961, Readin, Berkshire, England
53 years

Ricky Gervais is the writer of the hit TV-series The Office. Isn't married but has been with long time partner producer Jane Fallon since 1982.
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Full List: All The 2014 Emmy Awards Nominees!

Friday 8:14 AM, 11/07/2014
The 2014 Emmy Awards nominees were unveiled yesterday. The winners will be announced at the 66th annual Emmy Awards ceremony on August 25, h...READ MORE ▶
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Ricky Gervais' Funniest Bits and Tricks!

Tuesday 7:18 PM, 17/01/2012
"The Golden Globes are to the Oscars what Kim Kardashian is to Kate Middleton. Bit louder, bit trashier, bit drunker, and more easily bought - allegedly." "What you don't know about him is, is he's very racist. Very. I mean, really, nasty stuff. Also, I've seen him punch a little blind kitten. Please welcome the evil Colin Firth." " made her mark in comedy this summer by defecating into a sink . Amazingly, that's still less demeaning than what most of you have done to make it in show business." "Last year, our next presenter won both the Golden Globe and the Oscar for her work in Black Swan. This year, she took some time out to have a baby. Consequently, she's been nominated for nothing. Really pathetic. But she learned that valuable lesson you all already knew: Never put family first. Please welcome the very foolish Natalie Portman." “Who needs the Oscars? Not me — and not Eddie Murphy. He walked out on ‘em. He said ‘no.’ Good for him. But when the man who said ‘yes’ to ‘Norbit’ says ‘no’ to you, you know you’re in trouble.” "Our next presenter is the Queen of Pop, Not you, Elton John, sit down. She’s all woman. I’ll give you some clues. She’s always vogue. She’s a material girl. And she’s just like a virgin." But when Madonna got up on stage she fired back at Ricky, "If you say I’m still like a virgin, Ricky, why don’t you come over here and do something about it, I haven’t kissed a girl in a few years on TV."
Ricky Gervais, the English comedian who hosted the Golden Globes has received both a lot of good and bad reviews for his act. Well, we think he's hilarious, it's always fun when someone mocks the celebrities a bit. Click on the pictures to read Ricky's funniest jokes and comments!

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Claire Danes and George Clooney Win Big at the Golden Globes!

Monday 9:16 AM, 16/01/2012
Angie and Brad Ricky Gervais was the host! Sarah Hyland from Modern Family. Claire Danes won best TV actress for her TV show "Homeland" which also won best TV series. Sofia Vergara from "Modern Family."
Last night was the Golden Globes and they were a blast! We love Ricky Gervais as host and we thought everyone who won totally deserved it. We'll ge...READ MORE ▶
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Ricky Gervais Gets Back at the Paps!

Tuesday 11:13 PM, 10/01/2012
When comedian Ricky Gervais was taking a stroll with his longtime partner, Jane Fallon, the couple was followed by paparazzis. Not a big surprise, but this is: when one of the paparazzis filmed Ricky too closely, Ricky then stole his camera and started filming him instead. Way to turn the tables, Ricky!
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Johnny Depp + Ricky Gervais= Best Comedy Ever!

Thursday 5:19 PM, 27/10/2011
Comedian, Ricky Gervais, has a new TV show called, "Life's Too Short," which is about a dwarf in show business. One of the best things about "Life's Too Short" is that Johnny Depp has a cameo! We just watched a clip from Johnny's episode and it's hilarious! Ah, we love him! Check it out!
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Ricky Gervais Keeps Cool in a Plain White Tee!

Monday 3:43 PM, 25/07/2011
Ricky Gervais in a plain white tee and dapper vest!
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