Renee Zellweger

25 April 1969, Texas, USA
45 years

Jim Carrey, Jack White, Kenny Chesney
Renée Zellweger is an American actress with a Swiss father and a Norwegian mother. She used to work as a waitress before she began making money as an actress. She gained 10 kg to play Bridget Jones. She speaks fluent German. 163 cm tall.

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Don't Forget Your Lunch Renée!

Monday 7:12 AM, 08/03/2010
Fitness freak Renée Zellweger must have been busy with workouts the past week seeing as the Oscars is the most important red carpet event of the year! As you know Renée practically lives in her training clothes and when we spotted her having lunch with a friend yesterday we reacted to the fact that the friend was the only one carrying a lunch. Don't forget to eat Renée!
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Best Dressed at Vera Wang?

Wednesday 1:10 PM, 03/03/2010
Maggie Grace Amber Valletta Evan Lysacek and Vera Wang Renée Zellweger Reese Witherspoon Mila Kunis Rachel Zoe Kara DioGuardi Angie Harmon Jamie Tisch
Legendary designer Vera Wang launched a brand new boutique in Los Angeles last night! Some of her star fans were there to celebrate with her like celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe, superstars Reese Witherspoon and Renée Zellweger aswell as Nicky Hilton and her parents! They were all looking fab in Vera Wang outfits, but who do think stood out the most in their designer gear? Vote!


Best in Vera Wang?

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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 4:42 PM, 28/02/2010
8. Nicole Richie launched her latest clothing collection "Winter Kate" in Paris this week in her sleepwear! Atleast that's what it looked like to us! Paris is really not the place to make a style mistake Nicole! Big oops! 7.  You would think that accepting a style icon award from Elle Magazine could make Ashley Olsen smile. No not even that! We think its all these sad, pale and unflattering dresses she insists on wearing lately that must be making her so sad! 6. Renée Zellweger decided to fight the pregnancy rumours in this strangely proportioned dress this week. Well we have to admit, those huge sleeves really do take your eyes away from her stomach area don't they? Doesn't mean they are pretty though! 5. We usually love everything British model Daisy Lowe puts on, but this outfit we are really not feelilng!  When are people going to stop with this cut-out thing? It doesn't flatter anybody's body! Maybe it would have helped Daisy if the dress was actually the right size for her? 4. Agyness Deyn rocked a new look while out partying during London Fashion Week - the bag lady look! She even had her purse and keys hanging around her neck! Not classy at all Agyness, somehow we don't think this will be a trend anytime soon! 3. We don't understand Paloma Faith! Why does High Fashion have to be ugly to make a statement? We love the suit and we love the fancy hat, but why the strange shawl hanging over everything? Really, she can do so much better than this! 2. We spotted Courtney Love still partying hard in London this week and even though she was in a whole new outfit, its hard to tell it apart from her nasty look last week. In fact its the same Circus crazy look, just with new bits of clothing. We still hate it. 1. Oh no Kendra Wilkinson! We understand its tough to dress while you are inbetween sizes, especially while you are still trying to lose the baby weight. But really, what mader Kendra think this ruffly, too short and horriblly patterned dress would in any way flatter her curvier figure? Fail!
This week London was packed with wacky fashion for Fashion Week with stars like Courtney Love and Agyness Deyn in town! They never let us down with their crazy style, but this week they really went too far. There is a fine line between quirky and ugly ladies! Learn a lesson from these bad fashion moments! Remember to vote for the ones you thought were the worst!


Who was worst dressed?

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What a babe!

Renée Zellweger is Big in Berlin!

Friday 7:04 AM, 12/02/2010
Nice sunglasses! Hollywood style!
The Berlin International Film Festival stars today and Hollywood superstar Renée Zellweger arrived early to take her place on this year's jury. She will be one of the respected people in the film industry judging the films this year! Some serious movie fans, were so determined to get tickets the festival, they even slept outside on the street in the freezing cold outside the ticket sale boxes last night! There were some big Renée fans outside her hotel in Berlin today too, waiting to see their favourite star and get an autograph. She was her usual sweet self and smiled and posed and signed for ages!
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Celebrities with colourful handbags!

Friday 3:58 PM, 22/01/2010
Eva Longoria Paris Hilton Lady Gaga Nicky Hilton Renée Zellweger Jessica Alba Agyness Deyn Khloe Kardashian Gwen Stefani Nice bag. Whi do you think it belongs to?
During the wintertime of the year it can be nice to ad some color to your outfit. That can be made in many different ways and some of our greatest stars choose to wear a nice colorful handbag. We really like that trend so we decided to pick out some pictures of nice handbags for you. Enjoy!
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Ellen Pompeo Stays in Shape!

Tuesday 12:40 PM, 05/01/2010
Ellen Pompeo Stays in Shape!
Just like Renée Zellweger Grey's Anatomy star Ellen Pompeo is more often that not photographed in her training clothes and we're guessing it's because she wants to get back into pre-pregnancy shape fast! Ellen also shops all her food at Whole Foods in LA, as you can see in these pictures, and we're willing to bet those bags are full of healthy food!
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