Renee Zellweger

25 April 1969, Texas, USA
45 years

Jim Carrey, Jack White, Kenny Chesney
Renée Zellweger is an American actress with a Swiss father and a Norwegian mother. She used to work as a waitress before she began making money as an actress. She gained 10 kg to play Bridget Jones. She speaks fluent German. 163 cm tall.

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Renée Zellweger Needs A Makeover!

Friday 12:50 PM, 13/08/2010
Does this girl ever wear anything fun and interesting?
We spotted Renée Zellweger leaving her hair salon in Melrose Avenue yesterday and honestly, she didn't look too different from when she went in. Is it just us or are you also bored of seeing Renée in the same drab grey casual clothes, workout gear and hairdo? She has a hot new relationship with Bradley Cooper, isn't it time for a hot new look to match too? Come on Renée do something interesting for a change!
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We See You Renée!

Monday 12:33 AM, 09/08/2010
Even though they did their best to avoid being caught on film together by not sitting next to each other in the car the paparazzi did manage to get a few shots of one of Hollywood's hottest couples last night! Renée Zellweger and her beau Bradley Cooper were spotted leaving Nobu in Malibu after what seemed to be a very pleasant dinner!
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This week's worst dressed celebrities!

Sunday 12:00 PM, 18/07/2010
10. We're usually very fond of Ashley Greene's choice of outfits, but even she can't make this cheap looking dress look classy! It's totally unflattering to her body shape and the turtleneck gives us nightmares! 9. This dress is actually okay but it just fits Ellen Pages body horrendously! Ant with such pale skin she really shouldn't go for a colorless green dress, she needs something colorful and vibrant!
8. We think Jennifer Garner could at least dress up a little when going out to restaurants. Those jeans are way too big for her and the top makes her look pregnant! She's in need of a serious shopping spree! 7. Halle Berry is one of the most beautiful women in the world, but she needs to start showing it! It doesn't hurt to dress up every now and again, she just didn't try at all with this outfit.

Nicole Polizzi aka Snooki just has no sense of style what so ever, we recommend her to hire a stylist, pronto! 5. Katie Price looks like Cruella de Vil in this photo! She needs to loose the fake hair and start dressing her own age! Her dress together with that jacket is such a tacky combo!

4. Demi Lovato simply tried too hard with this outfit. What is up with that awful gray plastic detailing on her brown t-shirt? 3. Renée Zellweger wore this outfit while out shopping. We think this outfit is really sketchy and it could possibly oass as joggin attire, but when you're out and about you really should put some more effort into your outfits! We also have no comments on the purple band-aid..

2. Ke$ha just got it wrong in every possible way.. as usual.. 1. Kylie Minogue got it all wrong. The dress has an awful shape, ugly color and the dozens of buttons are just ridiculous! Button down Kylie, NOW!
Like every other week this one was also filled with plenty of celebrities who dressed in the dark and stepped outside their homes prior to looking themselves in the mirror. Ke$ha & Snooki are becoming regulars on our worst dressed lists and Ashley Greene, who usually gets it completely right made a first time appearance this week! Who do you think was this week's worst dressed celebrity and why? Vote!


Who do you think was this week's worst dressed celebrity?

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Wedding Bells For Bradley and Renée?!

Friday 11:46 AM, 11/06/2010
Such a cute couple!
The rumour is that Renée Zellweger is hunting for the perfect wedding dress! She was spotted at her favourite designer, Carolina Herrera's boutique this week in West Hollywood and a whole rack of wedding dresses was wheeled in front of her! After the shopping trip Renée met up with her boyfriend Bradley Cooper and her parents, so the buzz is all over now, they must be planning their wedding! Renée is not exactly denying it either, when the paps asked her about it, she just smiled. We think wedding bells will be ringing soon!
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Renée Zellweger's New Hair - Hot or Not?

Friday 10:41 PM, 23/04/2010
Renée Zellweger attended a Tribeca Film Festival premiere last night in Manhattan and she looking all fresh and cute in a brand new fringe-cut hairdo! We loved her little dress too! What did you think of her outifit, and most importantly do you think the hair is a hit or a miss for her? Vote!


What do you think of the hair?

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What a babe!

Renée Zellweger Making Friends with Paparazzi!

Thursday 10:24 AM, 11/03/2010
What a nice guy! He made her day!
Its not often you see camera shy Renée Zellweger making friends with the paparazzi who follow her around when she is Hollywood! But yesterday a sweet photographer helped Renée out when he noticed that her car parking meter was running out! He put some coins in and saved her from a parking fine. When Renée realised what he had done she was so happy she went back into the Starbucks she had been visiting and bought him a Starbucks gift card and even signed it with a personal thank you note. Sweet!
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