Reese Witherspoon

22 March 1976, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
38 years

Stephen Dorff, Chris O`Donnel, Mark Wahlberg, Ryan Phillippe, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jim Toth
Reese Witherspoon is an American actress from the South. She is most famous for playing Elle in Legally Blonde. Reese often stars in romantic comedies such as Sweet Home Alabama. She has two children with her ex-husband, actor Ryan Philippe. Reese studied at Stanford University and used to be a cheerleader. She married Jim Toth in 2011

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Fun Facts! Which Celebrities Have Bizarre Pets?

Monday 9:14 PM, 30/09/2013
Leonardo DiCaprio bought himself a 10-year-old 38 pound sulcata tortoise in 2010. The turtle could grow as big as 200 pounds and live for more than 70 years. Nicolas Cage once purchased two pet cobras and an octopus, that he eventually had to give up.
Reese Witherspoon has two pet donkeys called Honky and Tonky. One time her neighbors even wrote a letter of complaint because the two donkeys were too noisy.
Paris Hilton once had to go to the hospital because she was bitten by her pet kinkajou, that is a raccoon-like animal that originally comes from the rainforests of Central and South America. Miley Cyrus worked with a bunch of chickens when filming Hannah Montana: The Movie. Miley then asked her mom if she could keep them.
A Donkey, an octopus or a wolf is probably not the first animals most people would have as pets. Well, and as we all know, celebrities are mostly not as the rest of us. We've taken a closer look on what pets our favorite stars have, and some of them are actually really bizarre. Click on the pics and read all about the celebrities that have bizarre pets!

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Celebrity Hair Chameleons: Blonde Vs. Brunette!

Monday 9:01 PM, 19/08/2013
Mischa Barton. We know Scarlett Johansson better as a blonde, but she's also tried brown hair. Beyonce has tried many different colors and styles over the years. Rachel McAdams. Jessica Biel was once a blonde - but we like her better with brown hair. Mary-Kate Olsen dyed her hair brown once. Jennifer Lawrence in two different haircolors. Reese Witherspoon recently tried dying her hair brown, but she's better known with blonde hair. Miley Cyrus has changed her looks completely.
Fall is just around the corner and for many of us, that means letting go of our sun bleached hair and saying 'bye, bye blondie' for the season. Well, celebrities does that exact same thing, the only thing is that they do it all year around - changing their hair from blonde to brown and back again. These 10 celebrities have tried both being blondes and brunettes, so click on the pics and see what look you think they rocked better!
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OMG! This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Tuesday 10:49 PM, 23/07/2013
2. Are those pants or your pajama bottoms, Reese Witherspoon? 3. Kelis' look is just too much in all different ways. 4. This look would've been approved if you wore a pair of shorts or a skirt, Kendra Wilkinson! 5. Eliza Doolittle's outfit is just not our cup of tea. 6. No, Lil Kim. Just... No.
We see all these different fashion looks every day, and when we spot some of them we cannot help but wonder what they had in mind when they got dressed. Major fashion failures, in other words. Click on the pics and check out this week's worst dressed celebrities!
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Celebrity Kids That Look Exactly Like Their Parents!

Wednesday 9:14 PM, 26/06/2013
Reese Witherspoon with daughter Ava Phillipe. The late Heath Ledger will always live on through his daughter, Matilda Ledger, who looks exactly like him. Like mother like daughter! Heidi Klum and Leni Klum look just like each other! Those pouty lips of yours, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt, comes from mama Angelina Jolie. Brooklyn Beckham has grown up to be just as handsome as his father, David Beckham.
The apple doesn't fall from the tree, and that is really no exception when it comes to these celebrity kids. If these famous parents would ever need a stand-in - we most certainly know who they can ask! Click on the pics and check out the celebrity kids that are exact copies of their parents
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