Reese Witherspoon

22 March 1976, New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
38 years

Stephen Dorff, Chris O`Donnel, Mark Wahlberg, Ryan Phillippe, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jim Toth
Reese Witherspoon is an American actress from the South. She is most famous for playing Elle in Legally Blonde. Reese often stars in romantic comedies such as Sweet Home Alabama. She has two children with her ex-husband, actor Ryan Philippe. Reese studied at Stanford University and used to be a cheerleader. She married Jim Toth in 2011

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Hair Tips: Straight And Shiny!

Monday 7:14 PM, 02/07/2012
First things first. Unless you are a natural, to get hair as straight as the Emma Bunton's, you need to use a hair straightener. Great bangs like Reese Witherspoon's can be a bit tricky. To keep them nice and flat; blow dry them before you use a hair straightener. A good hair spray will keep your bangs in place throughout the day. To keep your hair healthy looking like Kim Kardashian's, invest in a good heat protector and use it before you use the straighteners. We love Ashley Greene's straightened hair! Dakota Fanning is pretty in a straight parted do'. To make sure all off your hair is as straight as Miranda Kerr's, put it all up and let it down as you straighen a bit of a time. Did you know that Avril Lavigne has naturally curly hair? She has a straight perm done to keep it the way she likes it. Nicole Richie lets her straight bangs fall to the sides Nicky Hilton likes the long straight look.
Some stars love to have straight, long, shiny hair! Ever wondered what celebrities like Nicole Scherzinger, Ashley Greene, and Nicole Richie do to get their perfectly straight hair look so nice? Click on the pictures to find out!
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Reese Witherspoon Finally Breaks Silence About Her Pregnancy!

Monday 3:54 PM, 25/06/2012
Reese Witherspoon has been very quiet about her pregnancy, but she hasn't really been able to hide her growing belly. But now she finally breaks th...READ MORE ▶
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Freakin' Fun! Celebs Rockin' Disneyland!

Thursday 2:53 PM, 14/06/2012
Emma Roberts love being in the air. Reese Witherspoon took a ride with her entire family. Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri laughed together in the spinning tea cups. Sofia Vergara went up, up and away! It looks like Miley Cyrus regret she got on that ride...
Being rich and famous doesn't mean you can't have fun at theme parks. We've checked out 6 celebs like David Beckham and Reese Witherspoon that released their inner child and went wild on Disneyland! Click on the pics and see what they did there!
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Hot In Hollywood: Sexy Dress With Splits!

Thursday 2:19 AM, 14/06/2012
Janet Jackson in a beautiful white maxi-dress. Reese Witherspoon with her baby bump. Charlize Theron in a short dress and split. You can also have a low split in the middle, like Anna Faris. Model Irina Shayk shows off her beautiful leg.
Many celebrities likes to show off their legs on the red carpet, and why shouldn't they? They work hard for their figure and should show them off! And what luck! Because high splits are totally in this season, so what's a better way to show off your amazing legs? We've listed 6 dresses from the red carpet with the sexiest splits. click on the pics to see.
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Pregnant Reese Witherspoon Is Glowing!

Monday 3:01 PM, 28/05/2012
She's beautiful! We love her amazing gala gown!
Reese Witherspoon still hasn't officially announced her pregnancy, but at the Cannes Film Festival this weekend she happily showed off her super cute growing baby bump. She's such a beauty and she was really glowing. Click on the pics and take a closer look on her amazing red carpet look!
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The Brunettes You've Forgotten About!

Monday 9:08 PM, 14/05/2012
Hilary Duff was a brunette back in 2007. Reese Witherspoon was once a brunette. Paris Hilton. Lindsay Lohan in brown hair. Looks way better than her platinum blonde hair she recently had, but we still prefer her as a red head!
Celebrities change their hair color almost as often as we change our socks. We've gathered pics of four Hollywood women like Paris Hilton who once tried to go brunette, but it just didn't work out so well before they went back to blonde. Click on the pics and check them out!
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