Picture Special: Fashion Trauma at the People's Choice Awards!

Friday 8:47 AM, 07/01/2011

Did you watch the People's Choice Awards live on TV? It was kind of boring and we have to say we were generally disappointed in the red carpet style. It should've been exciting to see young stars like Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez and Miranda Cosgrove having fun with fashion, but they all played it safe in cutesy little pastel party dresses.

Our vote for best dressed would've gone to Khloe Kardashian if it wasn't for her horrible new hair colour, Oh and Malin Akerman was kind of cute but meh...boring too! We were also really happy to see Ashley Tisdale on a red carpet for the first time in ages, but then we noticed her ORANGE skin! Come on girls, you can all do so much better!


Did you have a favorite outfit?

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mar(non member) 1
07/01/2011 12:09 PM
leighton meester was the cutest of all!!

.(non member) 2
07/01/2011 3:13 PM
Kristen Stewart was best dressed.

kiki(non member) 3
07/01/2011 4:18 PM
selena and kaley are very cute here:))

cute(non member) 4
07/01/2011 8:29 PM
Selena and the Glee ppl looked best here

gorgeous(non member) 5
08/01/2011 2:45 PM
selena looked great she was best dressed

gorgeous(non member) 6
08/01/2011 2:47 PM
zac efron looked soo HOT in his tux

LOLOL(non member) 7
09/01/2011 4:46 PM
LOL Raven looks like a chicken :D

Kylie(non member) 8
15/01/2011 12:21 PM
haha kylie is stepping onto khloe's dress!

29/01/2011 5:31 PM
ashley is soo ugly!

ppppppppp(non member) 10
29/01/2011 5:35 PM
i think ashley is great. i love her!

caro(non member) 11
30/01/2011 8:09 AM
kaley esta divina!! y la peor (aunq hay vestidos
mas horrendos) es definitivamente ashley..por
diosss ese colorrr!! ni yo saldria a la calle
asi!! q despida a su asesor de imagen urgenteee :S

Selena rox(non member) 12
01/02/2011 9:24 PM
and so does her dress!

Yasmine (Posh24 member) 13
18/01/2013 1:14 AM
What is the people's choise award about maybe that
explains their boredom :p?

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