How Much Does It Cost For A Celeb To Walk The Red Carpet?!

Being a celebrity means you get alot of free stuff. Free designer dresses, makeup, couture Jewelry, basically everything we dream about on a daily basis! But as you guys know, nothing is ever really "free." So how much does it cost to send someone like Charlize Theron down the Red Carpet looking stellar? Click on the pics to find out! (nymag)
Charlize Theron
Vintage Cartier headband: $2.5 million on loan from Cartier.
Charlize Theron,
Makeup: $251 in products plus $1,500 for makeup artist Shane Paish.
Charlize Theron,
Hair: $79 in products and $400 for hair stylist Angileri.
Charlize Theron,
Cartier white gold and diamond earrings: $76,525 on loan from Cartier.
Charlize Theron,
Dior couture Handbag (not picture): $20,000 on loan from Dior.
Charlize Theron,
Christian Dior couture gown: $30,000 on loan from Dior.
Charlize Theron readjusts her dress after getting it caught ,
Vintage Cartier brooch: $1.5 million on loan from Cartier.
Charlize Theron
Cartier platinum and diamond ring: $3,950,000 on loan from Cartier.
Charlize Theron readjusts her dress after getting it caught ,
Givenchy spring 2012 Shoes: $1,150, which were probably gifted to Charlize.
Charlize Theron readjusts her dress after getting it caught ,
Total Cost: $8,079,905 and all of it was free for Charlize!
Published Dec 1 -1 11:50 PM
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