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Crazy Star Catfight: Lily Allen VS Courtney Love!

Monday 8:46 AM, 01/03/2010
Courtney Love Courtney wearing Miu Miu Lily in her Chanel
Mean girl stars Lily Allen and Courtney Love have been having a nasty war of words this past week and its all heated up with Lily Allen finally calling Courtney a "drug addled lunatic"! It all started at the BAFTA awards last week when Courtney told all the press on the red carpet that even though she was wearing Miu Miu to the show, she actually wanted to wear Chanel, but Lily Allen had behaved like a diva and put a lock on all the Chanel dresses, so Courtney was not allowed to wear the same label!

Lily was hugely upset by this and went on a Twitter rant about this saying it was all nonsens, that she would never do something like this and Courtney was hallucinating. We hear there was a war of words a few days later when both women were at the NME awards and afterwards Courtney apologised on Twitter saying, her reps must have been lying to her about the Chanel dresses. She couldn't resist saying one last nasty thing though. She said she loved London and would miss it when returning to the US this week, except of course mean girls like Lily Allen! Ouch! (Source: Celebitchy)
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Mariah Carey: Not Without My Sunglasses!

Monday 1:14 AM, 01/03/2010
Mariah Carey Mariah Carey Mariah Carey Mariah Carey Mariah Carey Mariah Carey Mariah Carey Mariah Carey Mariah Carey
Songbird Mariah Carey squeezed her curves into a Hervé Lèger dress this weekend when she hosted the Offical End of Tour Party at Haze nightclub in Las Vegas! Mariah posed like a real pro on the red carpet (she has after all had a few years of training) and was, of course, wearing her sunglasses. A real superstar never leaves the house without them!
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Fashion Battle!

This Week's Best Dressed Celebrities!

Sunday 5:59 PM, 28/02/2010
8. Kate Hudson was definitely the hottest celeb at the popular Burberry show at London Fashion Week. She looked like a read Hollywood screen siren in this beaded green mini-dress. Kate always makes red carpet style look effortless! 7. London socialite Peaches Geldof wore all kinds of great outfits throughout Fashion Week, but this little black number with the gold detail has got to be our favourite. We are also really liking Peaches back to blonde with her hair all flowy! What a stunner! 6. Supermodel Erin O'Connor looked elegant and sophisticated at the Elle style awards this week! We love the splash of red and leopard print under her trendy black suit. Here is a great example of how leopard print can look classy! 5. Natalia Vodianova made a sexy statement in this dramatic red dress and diamond choker. She was rocking this years hottest trends in dresses - the big shoulders and the swag hip skirt.  On Natalia they look amazing, and not just anybody could pull that off! 4. Some people might say that Leona Lewis' outfit for the Elle style awards was little bit costumey, but we have decided we totally love it! From the padded shoulders to the peek-a-boo cleavage and the hat as well as the leather gloves - this outfit screams vintage chic! 3. Jaime Winstone looked hot with her new blonde hair and this godess-like nude gown! We love the detailing and the way it skim her curves in all the right places! 2. Mary-Kate Olsen can accessorise like nobody else in the world! She definitely earned her style icon award at the Burberry show this week! from that gorgeous swing coat, to the glasses, scarve, gloves and bracelets! We can't stop staring at that blue clutch bag and how everything about her outfit is eyecatching at the same time isn't overdone! 1. Our favourite favourite! Olivia Palermo has been wearing the new floral trend - metallic print flowers a lot lately and we are obsessed! At the Elle Style awards she added some edge with a studded belt, creating a ver hot "hard and soft" look. We want this whole outfit for ourselves!
Every single outfit on our list came out of London this week from all the events that happened around Fashion Week! No big surprises on the list this week, congratulations to all the fashionistas who got it so right with their style choices, like supermodels Erin O' Connor and Natalia Vodianova! This week's number 1 is wearing our favourite Spring trend - metallic florals, so we just couldn't resist her!
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Anne Hathaway Lets Loose After Walking the Red Carpet!

Saturday 10:34 PM, 27/02/2010
David Walliams Helena Bonham Carter and her husband Tim Burton Eleanor Gecks Anne Hathaway Helena Bonham Carter Shane MacGowan Sir Christopher Lee Mia Wasikowska (aka Alice) Crispin Glover Matt Lucas Mia Wasikowska Alan Rickman Helena and Tim leaving the after party!
The red carpet is no place for partying but when the photographers are done snapping their pictures the stars break out their dance moves! After the 'Alice in Wonderland' premiere in London last night Anne Hathaway, Helena Bonham Carter and Mia Wasikowska partied at the Sanderson Hotel and as you can see Anne seemed to have had a good time!
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Mad Fashion At Alice In Wonderland!

Friday 1:12 PM, 26/02/2010
Avril Lavigne was the plainest in a simple black dress Johnny Depp Mia Wasikowska wowed in this lacey ballgown Barbara Windsor Eleanor Gecks Paloma Faith Eleanor Tomlinson Anne Hathaway Daisy Lowe Even Prince Charles and his wife Camilla,  Duchess of Cornwall were dressed up! Alice Dellal Sharon Osbourne Martin Sheen Jemma Powell Lily Cole
Weirdo British director Tim Burton premiered his latest amazing movie last night in London - Alice in Wonderland! Tim's BFF Johnny Depp and Tim's wife Helena Bonham Carter are both stars in the movie and Anne Hathaway also has part and of course everyone is talking about Mia Wasikowska, who plays Alice! They were all on the red carpet last night, so you can imagine what the it looked like! All these stars are famous for their quirky style and then add guests like Alice Dellal and Daisy Lowe all dressed up too. It was definitely different! Take a look and vote for your favourite!

Here's the spectacular movie trailer:
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Who wins the mad fashion prize?

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Hot like no other

Scarlett Johansson is a Style Chameleon!

Thursday 5:10 PM, 25/02/2010
For the Metropolitan Museum Gala  in 2004 she went gold in every way! She had a glowing tan, blonde hair and a sunshiny dress to match!  Gold is always a tough choice on the red carpet and we thing she might have gone too far.... Last year at a Moet&Chandon party in London 2009  a slim looking Scarlett wore this sexy lace-trimmed gown and wore dramatic dark red hair and bright red vampy lips! She can look totally ghostly too! Scarlett matched her pale skin with this white satin dress and old fashioned updo, but we think she could have done with some colour, any colour, anywhere! Trendy in metallic florals, Scarlett wore this vintage-inspired look for the opening of "A view from The Bridge" just last month. We love the colours but does this look really flatter her? Scarlett went school-girl chic for a premiere of her 2004 film "In Good Company". Many people get criticised for wearing jeans on the red carpet.... Blonde and elegant for the Oscars in 2005. We love everything about this look for her! Scarlett loves retro! She wore these high-waisted jeans and tanktop at Fashion Week in 2006 Taking the retro look too far? Scarlett looks a litte costumey in this 40's housewife look! More retro, this time she looks just like a porcelain doll with her hair curled and dark against her fair skin This sexy gold showgirl dress was a popular choice with the stars! Both Scarlett and Britney Spears were among those who have been seen wearing it on the red carpet...does Scarlett wear it well? This is what Scarlett wore to the premier of her hit movie "Lost in Translation" in 2003. We think maybe this outfit was a bit lost too.... More outfits out another era, this time a 50's housewife look. We like the red lips, but do these pieces match at all? When Scarlett gets it right its a really inspiring fashion moment! In dramatic florals at the premier for "He's Just Not That Into You". Beautiful Scarlett! This style flatters her figure so well! Rocking the Marilyn Monroe look at the 2004 BAFTA Awards. What do you think of this tie-dyed party dress? We are not sure its her best outfit ever.... Oh no, not her best moment at all! She probably still blushes every time she sees this picture! Green is a great colour for Scarlett, but is the detailing on this dress looking as good?
Scarlett Johansson has had a long career in Hollywood for such a young actress. So many movies and award nominations means that we have seen a lot of her on the red carpet over the years. Scarlett has often experimented with different looks on the red carpet, so we decided to take a look back at all her various fashion moments, both good and bad! You can really see what a little chameleon she is with everything from her hair colour to her style choices!


What do you think of Scarlett's style?

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