Rebecca Loos

19 June 1977, Madrid, Spain
37 years

David Beckham, Jenny Shimizu
Rebecca Loos became famous when rumors of her affair with David Beckham surfaced. Since then she has appeared on various reality tv-shows and has also had a breast enlargement.

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Top list: The worst celebrity cheaters!

Friday 5:17 PM, 26/11/2010
19. Justin Timberlake & Britney Spears were the ultimate Power pop duo in the late 90s until Britney allegedly cheated on him. Justin wrote the song "Cry me a river" about it and the lyrics "You don't have to say, what you did. I already know, I found out from him" speaks for themselves!
18. Ozzy Osbourne had a few slip ups with the family nanny in the 80s. Wife Sharon Osbourne wrote it off as "drunken behavior" and the couple have now been happily married for almost 30 years! 17. The rumor is that the real reason behind Madonna and Guy Ritchies divorce was Madonnas alleged affair with baseball star Alex Rodriguez! Alex ex-wife told the press that Alex had told her that he and Madonna were "spiritual soul mates". 16. David Beckham had an affair with his former Personal Assistant Rebecca Loos in 2004. It caused a stir in David and Victoria's marriage but they made it through. Victoria was quoted saying in W magazine that it ultimately only made their marriage stronger. 15. Usher cheated on his former girlfriend Rozonda "Chilli" Thomas with several fans. He later felt so guilty about it that he wrote the album "Confessions" based on his risky business with love. 14. Tori Spellings relationship with current husband Dean McDermott began during an affair in 2005 while they were both married to other people... 13. Meg Ryan hooked up with co-star Russell Crowe  while she was still married to Daniel Quaid. She tried justified it by saying that her husband hadn't been faithful to her for long either... 12. LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian started dating while both still married to other people, and what makes it worse is that they were public about it! They were snapped on dates all over Hollywood. Classy... 11. Josh Duhamel made a huge scandal when he cheated on his wife of 9 months Fergie with a luxury stripper. Fergie forgave him and they're still together to this date. 10. Jude Law cheated on his then fiancé Sienna Miller with his children's nanny in 2005. Sienna told Sun Magazine that she realized that he had only been using her for sex, but it seems now 5 years later they've reconciled and are happier than ever! We love happy endings. 9. Hugh Grant got arrested for lewd conduct after being involved with a prostitute. Needless to say his then wife Elizabeth Hurley filed for a divorce! 8. Mick Jagger has made quite a reputation after being linked to numerous women, including his nanny who claims they had a sexual encounter only hours after he hired her. He has been married twice and has 7 children together with 4 different women. 7. Has gotten it on with countless of women while being in a long-term relationship with the mother of his kids, Shannon Tweed. He's also had several sex tapes from his adventurous encounters leaked... 6. Denise Richards ended her three year long marriage with Charlie Sheen after she reportedly caught him with his pants down in a hotel room with another woman. Seems Charlie is a ladies man on TV as well as in real life! 5. In an exclusive interview with Rolling Stone magazine Snoop Dog revealed that his marriage almost fell apart back in 2004 because he took his family for granted and was having too much fun being the king of a sex gang. His wife ultimately made him choose: the "sluts" or her and it seems he made the right choice! He insists that he's now a changed man. 4. Woody Allen has admitted to having an affair with his then wife Mia Farrows daughter, Soon-Yi-Previn. They later married in 1997 and now have two kids. 3. David Letterman made a huge scandal last year when it was revealed that he had affairs with several of the workers on his show. David publicly apologized on his show to his wife and kids. 2. It was a close tie for the first place on our list! Jesse James ultimately came second because we think it was a pretty clear hint that he used to be married to a stripper. Never the less we feel for his ex-wife Sandra Bullock who got cheated on with several different tattooed biker chicks. 1. To the outside world they were the perfect family, but the truth was that Tiger Woods had been cheating on his wife with different strippers, prostitutes, bartenders and glamor models for years! It all came out earlier this year and the couple have recently finalized their divorce.
Being rich and famous means you get to mingle with some of the most beautiful people in the world and you get fans throwing yourself at you at an nearly daily basis. The glamorous life is full of temptations and it can be hard to deal with! Everyone have different ways of dealing with temptations. Some celebrity power couples, like Will & Jada Smith and Myrna & Morgan Freeman have so called "open marriages" which means that they're free to fool around with whomever they want. Some are serial daters like Joe Jonas & Paris Hilton and some just simply cheat on their partners, a lot.

We've made a list of the 20 worst celebrity cheaters - The old saying "Once a cheater always a cheater" has never been more appropriate!
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Has David Beckham Been Cheating Again?!

Monday 8:39 AM, 11/05/2009
David Beckham was spotted having dinner with a Hungarian model Mariann Fogarasy after a football game in Budapest recently! Obviously the rumours are now flying around! This is not the first time David has been caught with other women, who can forget the whole Rebecca Loos mess! Like before David is denying everything and says he desires only his wife. So why does he keep taking other women out? (Source: starpulse)


Do you think David cheats on Victoria?

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Rebecca Loos is pregnant

Friday 10:36 PM, 13/02/2009
It is not David's
Do you remember Rebecca Loos? She is the woman created scandal by having an affair with David Beckham a few years ago. Now she has announced that she is pregnant, but relax she hasn't named or shamed any married celebs as the father. She says the father is her new boyfriend, a Norwegian unknown medic. Looks like Rebecca's wild times are over. Posh must be relieved!
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Latest news!

Give up Rebecca Loos!

Thursday 8:33 AM, 16/10/2008
Give up Rebecca Loos!
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Rebecca Loos hasn't done much to be famous, except claiming that she had an affair with David Beckham. You think she would've dropped it by now since The Beckhams still are happily married and the affair was almost five years ago, but Rebecca is still seeking the spotlight with the old story. She recently told Zoo about his skills in bed and rated him with an eight. She also took a veiled swipe at Victoria Beckham and called her "skeleton thin and plastic looking." Pathetic Rebecca!
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Elizabeth Hurley did something Pamela Anderson couldn't do!

Saturday 7:13 AM, 20/09/2008
Elizabeth Hurley did something Pamela Anderson couldn't do!
Rebecca Loos Pamela Anderson was escorted out OOPS! Gordon Ramsay and his wife Tana
Tana and Gordon Ramsay had a fundraising dinner at Hanover Square in London during London fashion week. David Beckham's claimed lover Rebecca Loos was there with the evening ugliest hat. Elizabeth Hurley was not only sexy, she was classy as well, and that is more then you can say about Pamela Anderson. Pamela did not only just have a tacky dress; she looked really drunk as well.
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