Rebecca Hall

19 May 1982, London, England
32 years

Have been dating director Sam Mendes
Rebecca Hall is a Brittish actress who is most known for her role as Vicky in "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" which she was also nominated a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for.
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Who Wore It Better? Emma Roberts Vs Rebecca Hall!

Wednesday 11:14 PM, 25/04/2012
Is Emma today's winner? Or is it Rebecca?
We spotted Emma Roberts and British actress Rebecca Hall wearing the same cool YSL jumpsuit. They both matched it with a pair of black heels and a black clutch. Emma dared to go bare shoulders while Rebecca rocked a black blazer. So who do you think wore it better? Vote and let us know!


Who Rocked It Better?

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Who Wore It Best - Rebecca or Winona?

Thursday 12:51 PM, 02/12/2010
Rebecca Hall Winona Ryder
Hot right now British actress Rebecca Hall wore this 50's inspired outfit from Louis Vuitton at for a theatre awards ceremony in London this past week, while Black Swan actress Winona Ryder wore the same corset and swing skirt combo while promoting the movie in Toronto. Winona is way more curvy than Rebecca and was almost bursting out the corset - so who do you think looked hotter?
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Emma Watson - Britain's Sexiest Young Starlet?!

Wednesday 12:53 PM, 17/11/2010
2.  Keira Knightley 3. Emily Blunt 4. Sienna Miller 5. Gemma Arterton 6. Bonnie Wright 7. Rebecca Hall 8. Carey Mulligan 9. Katie Leung 10.  Hayley Atwell
We are not sure if we agree with this one! An online poll with more than 4000 votes just topped Harry Potter star Emma Watson as the sexiest British starlet under 30! Emma beat out Gemma Arterton, Sienna Miller and Keira Knightley! Well done Emma, we love you, but we are not sure you get our vote for sexy, cute yes, sexy? Not so much. Who gets your vote of the top 10 below?


Sexiest young Brit?

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Who Wore It Best - Salma Or Rebecca?

Saturday 12:26 PM, 16/10/2010
Salma Hayek Rebecca Hall
We were not crazy about this red and black YSL jumpsuit on The Town star Rebecca Hall and we were very surprised to see Salma Hayek try it out too, especially at Fashion Week! Salma wore hers with a black blazer and Rebecca ironed out hair. Who do you think pulled it off better?


Who wore it best?

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Blake Lively Stealing The Spotlight!

Wednesday 8:47 PM, 15/09/2010
He cleans up so good! Jeremy Renner Matt Damon and his wife Luciana were there to support their BFF Ben! She is just so hot and stylish! Rebecca Hall John Hamm and Jennifer Westfeldt, his long-time partner
The movie that everyone is talking about, "The Town" with Ben Affleck and Blake Lively, premiered in Boston last night and again all eyes were on Blake and her gorgeousness! Did you know that Blake actually only has a small part in the movie and its really Rebecca who has the starring role? Its true and last year's Oscar winner Jeremy Renner and Mad Men hottie Jon Hamm also have big parts, so why is everyone only talking about Blake? Just look her!

The movie trailer:
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This Week's Worst Dressed Celebrities!

Monday 3:22 PM, 13/09/2010
8. Ok so we know red is one of the hot trends for this Autumn/Winter, but seriously? Heidi Klum in literally the same tone of red from head to toe? We love a woman in a 3 piece suit, but his is overkill! 7. Jennifer Garner attended her husband Ben Affleck's new movie "The Town" premiere this weekend at the Toronto film festival and we don't know if she is trying to hide her tummy in this badly fitting dress or what, but something was just totally off about this look for her! She is hiding all her curves! 6. We are confused about Daisy Lowe's outfit at the Chanel boutique opening in Soho. She usually looks so quirky and cool but in this lace and blue velvet cape combo she looks like she is at a Lord of the Rings dress up party! 5. Promoting The Town with Ben Affleck is upcoming actress Rebecca Hall's big debut on the red carpet and so far its one big fail after another! The worst of the week has to be this black and red patched dress. She looks like something out of the circus! 4. We keep saying Jessica Simpson needs a new stylist and this outfit proves it again! The denim dress does nothing for her figure and that headband looks so out of place in her hair. Get it right Jessica, especially when you are trying to be a serious fashion designer! 3. Legendary French actress Catherine Deneuve actually still has a fantastic body for a woman her age, but you would never guess it under this mess of drapery! She is being totally overwhelmed by all that fabric! 2. We think Leighton Meester is trying a little too hard to be noticed in this cutout mini dress! She usually wears classics mixed with a few edgy pieces for a unique look, but this is just bordering on cheap! Its Fashion Week Leighton, now is not the time to get it wrong! 1. This bright yellow kaftan mini Yahima Torres wore at the Venice Film Festival is all kinds of wrong! Her thighs are not her best feature at all, so why show them off like that? Another pretty girl hiding her curves under way too much fabric. What was she thinking?!
There has been a whole lot going on lately in the fashion and showbiz worlds! First the Venice Film Festival and then the Toronto Film Festival and New York Fashion Week starting on the same day, not to mention all the international Vogue Fashion Night Out parties! This means there were celebs trying to look their best on almost ever corner of the world this week, but these ladies just lost their way somewhere and ended up looking like this....


Who was worst?

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