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Ray-Ban were created in 1937 by Bausch & Lomb. A lieutenant complained that his eyes were damaged after a balloon flying adventure and asked B & L to create sunglasses that protected the eyes from the sun and still looked elegant. Pilots in the United States Arny immediately liked the prototype and started using them, The "Ray-Ban Aviator" was born. Ray-Bans have been seen in hundreds of movies; some of the most well-known are Breakfast at Tiffanys starring Audrey Hepburn, Blues Brothers with Dan Aykroyd and John Belushi and Men In Black starring Will Smith.
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Ray-Ban Fever!

Wednesday 2:10 AM, 29/06/2011
Mama Mia star Dominic Cooper in black Wayfarers. We think Johnny Depp sleeps with his sunglasses on because he is always wearing them! But we like it! Matthew McConaughey! Bad boy John Mayer flirts under his sunglasses. Even the youngest, like Justin Bieber, likes them! Mmm...Robert Pattinson. Crazy Johnny Knoxville! Miley Cyrus' boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, look casual in his sunglasses!
Even though every person we know owns a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarer sunglasses, we love how they give you that casual, cool look. We have always loved Wayfarers and we absolutely love them on our biggest celeb crushes! And they seem to love them too!

So every guy out there: put on those sunglasses and you can guarantee that we'll melt like ice-cream in the sun!

For the girls: here's some pics of hotties in Wayfarers. Enjoy!
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Picture special

Tuesday 11:00 PM, 24/05/2011
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What's with the Sour Face Reese?!

Tuesday 2:49 AM, 01/03/2011
Hungover much?
We spotted Reese Witherspoon walking around her neighbourhood in Brentwood today looking a little shabby in a big blue denim shirt dress and Ray-Bans to cover her eyes...we are guessing she is a little hungover after all the Oscar parties. What else could explain that sour face?
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The Real Chuck Bass!

Sunday 12:05 PM, 01/08/2010
It's weird seeing Ed Westwick all stripped down like this when we're so used to seeing him dressed to his toes as business mogul Chuck Bass in Gossip Girl! When he was leaving Café Med in Los Angeles last Friday he looked nothing like Chuck, in fact he looked the screaming opposite dressed in a loose fitting shirt that showed off his chest hair, a dirty hat, silver bracelets and Ray-Bans! We want to know which Ed you prefer the most, the British rocker or the American business mogul? Vote!


Which Ed do you like the most?

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Ashley Greene is a shopaholic!

Wednesday 7:49 AM, 14/07/2010
The paparazzi has really been keeping a close watch on Ashley Greene lately! The Twilight star was spotted out shopping yesterday at Ralphs in Santa Monica, LA. She was wearing knee high boots, jeans & Ray-Ban aviators which we think she looked totally fab in! She's really starting to become quite a super star! Keep it up Miss Greene!
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Peaches Geldof is not a Ray-Ban Fan!

Thursday 4:02 PM, 27/05/2010
Too much partying making her moody? Loving the loook Peaches!
Peaches Geldof made a surprise appearance at the launch of Ray-Ban sunglasses new Aviator collection, last night at the Scala in London. Even more surprisingly, when Peaches was handed a box of different sunglasses to choose from to wear on the red carpet, she flatly refused to be pictured wearing any, even though that was the purpose of the event! What is she up to? Did none of the styles match her sparkly outfit? Or was she just being brat, or maybe she was confused?
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