Battle Of The Fashion Couples: Who Looked Best?

Sunday 12:21 PM, 11/12/2011
Battle Of The Fashion Couples: Who Looked Best?

An epic battle of the fashion couples!
Isabel Goulart

Isabel Goulart


Claire Danes

Courtney Love

China Chow

Earlier this week at fashion designer Valentino Garavani's Virtual Museum Launch party at the IAC Headquarters in New York City, a multi-dimensional fashion battle went down. Celebrity designer Rachel Zoe arrived together with her husband Roger Bergman, same as "Sex and The City" star Sarah Jessica Parker arrived with her husband Matthew Broderick. Obviously this upped the stakes of what was already destined to be a fashion battle between the ladies, as it also became a question of which couple looked most fierce.

Which couple do you think came out top at the event? Vote!


Which couple looked best?

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voodoo(non member) 1
11/12/2011 5:14 PM
They all look terrible :/

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