Rachel Zoe

1 September 1971, New York, USA
43 years

Rodger Berman
Rachel Zoe is a celebrity stylist who has dressed everyone from Nicole Richie and Demi Moore to Mischa Barton. She is often accused of being the reason these stars are so skinny but denies that she has anything to do with their weight loss.
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Rachel Zoe and Little Skyler At New York Fashion Week!

Tuesday 4:17 PM, 13/09/2011
How cute is Skyler? Those chubby cheeks! Of course Rachel is accessorized to the max! Molly Sims and Rachel!
We spotted Rachel Zoe and her baby Skyler hanging out at New York Fashion Week! They're totally adorbs and such a well-dressed duo! We're already way jealous of Skyler's wardrobe.
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Funniest Celeb Tweets of the Day!

Monday 6:17 PM, 12/09/2011
Celebs love tweeting just about anything and everything and we love to read all about it! Check out today's funniest and favorite celebrity tweets!

Kourtney Kardashian isn't really known for her science skills!
@KourtneyKardash - i like bugs! I like bugs... What's that? That's an ant.

Rachel Zoe gives us today's big question! (The answer: NO!)
@rzrachelzoe - Is any look complete w/o chanel?

We love Dolly Parton's take on life! LOL!
@Dolly_Parton - "If there's a heaven, I hope to hell I go!"

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Rachel Zoe & Her Baby Go Out For Coffee!

Monday 2:02 PM, 04/07/2011
We spotted celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe and her son Skyler go out for coffee at a Starbucks in Los Angeles yesterday. They were accompanied by their nanny who was wearing an earpiece, and it made us wonder what job actually is the hardest... Being Rachel's assistant, or being her nanny?

We have all seen the stressful life she and her assistants lead in the reality show "The Rachel Zoe Project", but what is life really like for those involved with her baby? Hurry up and give us "The Skyler Project" so we can find out!
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Street Style! Top Ten Celeb Looks Right Off the Street!

Friday 6:03 PM, 01/07/2011
9. A simple rule is to never wear a velour track suit. Paris Hilton SHOULD know this by now, but she has truly terrible style. 8. We know Alexa Chung is The Fashionista but we think she could do much better than these simple jean shorts with the huge leopard coat. It's like she's trying too hard to look like she doesn't care. 7. These workout clothes on Heidi Klum aren't terrible, they're just blah and boring. Points for stripes and Starbucks though! 6. Ellen Pompeo loves her jeans! She must have like a thousand pairs! We just love this outfit because it looks so comfy! 5. We love that Kim Kardashian paired FOUR of summer's biggest trends together: stripes, a maxi dress, white, and fringe. It works! 4. Kim Lee looks so cool in her romper and aviators. 4. For someone who JUST had a baby, Rachel Zoe looks hot! 2. Hunters, leather, olive green; these are a few of our favorite things! Love you Kate Moss! 1. We love Emily Browning and think these sequined pockets on her boyfriend cardigan are so amazing! What a great, glam detail!
This week we rated our top ten street style looks! Some of our favorite celebs really know how to work it even on their days off and others just make bad fashion decisions. Check out who has our favorite look and who could use some help from a stylist!


Who Had The Best Street Style?

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Rachel Zoe Shops For Baby Clothes!

Wednesday 2:28 PM, 08/06/2011
We spotted celebrity stylist Rachel Zoe out shopping baby clothes for her new born baby girl Skyler Morrison yesterday! We're so looking forward to seeing little Skyler on the streets in the future. We think she'll be able to give fashion icon Suri Cruise a serious run for her money! With Rachel as your mommy, you're bound to grow up impeccably dressed.
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Rachel Zoe's New Momma Style!

Saturday 3:34 PM, 28/05/2011
Rachel Zoe and her baby boy, Skyler, head out shopping!
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