Rachel Zoe

1 September 1971, New York, USA
42 years

Rodger Berman
Rachel Zoe is a celebrity stylist who has dressed everyone from Nicole Richie and Demi Moore to Mischa Barton. She is often accused of being the reason these stars are so skinny but denies that she has anything to do with their weight loss.
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I Won't Go Anywhere Without My Ray Ban's!

Thursday 7:04 PM, 23/02/2012
Robert Pattinson has a cool pair of vintage Ray Ban's. Relaxed fashionista Nicky Hilton is also a huge fan of the classic sunglasses. Pippa Middleton is such a lady! Reality star Lo Bosworth is having lunch with a pair of Ray Ban "Aviators" on. Soon to be aunt Haylie Duff has a very cool gym outfit. Including sunglasses, of course! No mom is as trendy as Rachel Zoe. Ashlee Simpson. Lady Gaga's pair of Ray Ban's is probably the only thing we'd wear of this outfit. Ashley Tisdale with a large pair of Ray Ban "Aviators".
Spring is just around the corner, and so is the season of sunglasses. We've seen celebrities like Robert Pattinson and Rihanna that love their Ray Ban sunglasses. Click on the pics and get some real inspiration for sunny days!
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Rachel Zoe: Stylish Mom With The Cutest Son Ever!

Tuesday 10:04 AM, 21/02/2012
Rachel Zoe and her son Skyler Berman was spotted when they was heading to lunch in Los Angeles. Her son is so cute and he looks so happy! We love it! And Rachel looks great as always!
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Does Rachel Zoe Even Own A Baby Carriage!?

Monday 10:35 AM, 20/02/2012
Rachel Zoe was spotted when she was out for lunch in West Hollywood with her son Skyler Berman. Why does Rachel always carry her son? Does she own a baby carriage?
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Trend Spotting: The Season of Hats!

Wednesday 7:08 PM, 15/02/2012
Khloe Kardashian looks so cool in her hot pink hat. She is such a fashionista with her neon yellow Hermès Birkin bag!
Kylie Minogue sporting a hat and sunglasses. Casual and pretty.
Hottie in a hat. Jude Law makes us melt once again. So stylish, so handsome.
Elle Macpherson matches her slope hat with a cozy turtleneck and a big warm fur vest. Thumbs up!
Jessie J has her own way of dealing with this trend. But a kitten hat? Big no-no.
Soon to be mom Hilary Duff looks awesome in her brown suede hat. If we buy the hat, can we get the cute puppy too?
Why so scared, Denise Richards? You have a cool boyish hat to hide under.
Lady Gaga wears hats almost every day. But a hat can only hide a bad hair day - not a bad romance.
Girl favorite Justin Bieber hides his well known hair cut under a warm beige cap.
We sure love a big hat to hide under during really bad hair days and so do many of our top celebs! Click on the pics to see 10 celebrities that love wearing cool hats as much as we do!
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Rachel Zoe Is A True Fashion Mom!

Wednesday 2:11 AM, 15/02/2012
We spotted Rachel Zoe and her son Skyler arriving to a hotel in Manhattan, New York. Rachel is always so stylish, she's a true fashion mom! And don't you think Skyler is just incredibly adorable? We die!
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What To Wear: Hot Date Night!

Tuesday 11:13 PM, 14/02/2012
Date: Dinner date 
Hot but not too sexy! Perfect  for a dinner date with your special someone, Cheryl Cole! Date: A walk in the park
Walk and talk, such a great way to get to know each other. Heidi Klum wears exactly what we would wear. Date: Going to the movies
Kristin Cavallari looks casual and cool in short jeans shorts with leggings underneath. Perfect outfit for a cozy cinema date! Date: Going to a museum
Bootcut jeans, a cool leather jacket and a cute top. Great for a date at the museum, Rachel Zoe! Date: Party night
Jennifer Aniston has got the look for a party night with a cute guy. The little black dress is never ever wrong. Date: First date
Alexa Chung has the perfect first date outfit. Not overdressed, not boring but cool and trendy! We likey! Date: Shopping spree
Imagine how great to get to know your date a bit better over a nice shopping spree?! Awesome date! Kim Kardashian knows how to do it right. Date: Grabbing a cup of coffee
Stylish and feminine with a touch of rock n' roll. Ashlee Simpson is all ready for a nice cup of coffee with her Valentine's date. Date: Stay at home night
Cuddle and cozy up with your hot date at home. Paris Hilton shows how relaxed a Valentine's date can be.
Going on a hot date tonight? Maybe going out for dinner or a simple stroll in the park? We have the celebrity looks for any occasion. Click on the pics and be inspired by fashionistas like Kristin Cavallari and Reese Witherspoon.
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