Rachel Zoe

1 September 1971, New York, USA
43 years

Rodger Berman
Rachel Zoe is a celebrity stylist who has dressed everyone from Nicole Richie and Demi Moore to Mischa Barton. She is often accused of being the reason these stars are so skinny but denies that she has anything to do with their weight loss.
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Celebrity Craving: The Hermès Birkin Bag!

Tuesday 12:04 PM, 13/03/2012
Rachel Zoe with her trendy green Hermès Birkin bag.
Victoria Beckham is known for her collection of Hermès bags. Perfect summer outfit, Alessandra Ambrioso!
Hilary Duff also uses her Birkin bag to the gym.
Nicky Hilton looks cool and relaxed. As always.
We love your bag, Heidi Montag, but we hate the rest of your outfit. 
Eva Longoria has a black Birkin bag with silver details.
Khloe Kardashian has a purple one. Cool!
Do you have one in every color, Kim Kardashian?
One major must have in Hollywood is definitely the classic Hermès Birkin bag. Kim Kardashian, Nicole Richie, Victoria Beckham - they all have the classic bag in all kinds of colors. The exclusive bag costs from $9,000 to $150,000 (!). Interested in buying one yourself? Click on the pics and get some Hermès inspiration!
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The Most Fashionable Couple In Hollywood!

Thursday 3:01 PM, 08/03/2012
OMG! Skyler is so cute! Look at that angelic face!
We spotted Rachel Zoe, her husband Rodger Berman, and their son Skyler. They always looks so stylish and cool together! Do you think they plan what they are going to wear before they leave the house? They must!
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Celeb Addiction: Never Without My Coffee!

Tuesday 9:10 PM, 06/03/2012
Selma Blair likes to relax with an iced coffee after her workout! Whitney Port loves take away coffee! Pippa Middleton enjoys a cup of coffee on her way to work! Jessica Alba loves to drink a cold drink while spending some time with her daughter. Mollie King enjoys a small cup from Starbucks. Pink balances her big coffee with shopping bags, her bag, and her baby on her stomach! Buying a coffee to enjoy at the hair or nail salon is a must, watch Cameron Diaz! Rachel Zoe stops for coffee. Taylor Swift grabs coffee on the way.
We don't understand how they do it! Celebs seem to do EVERYTHING and be EVERYWHERE! They jet set to Paris and the next day they are in Australia! F...READ MORE ▶
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Rachel Zoe - Hollywood's Most Stylish Mom?

Sunday 1:45 PM, 04/03/2012
Stylish mom! Rachel with her little family!
We spotted fashion guru Rachel Zoe on a sunny walk in West Hollywood with her son Skyler Berman and husband Rodger Berman. Rachel must be one of Hollywood's most stylish mom's! She is always, and then we mean always, fashionable!
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Street Style: Top 10 Best Celebrity Look Of The Week!

Friday 7:10 PM, 02/03/2012
2. Ashley Tisdale adds red to her simple outfit, love it! 3. Olivia Wilde looks greatin her maxi dress. 4. Fearne Cotton's neon sweater is hot! 5. Fashionista, Kate Moss, stuns in black. 6. Lauren Conrad likes it simple and so do we! 7. Olivia Palermo in all black, she's stylish as always. 8. Heidi Klum in a green maxi dress and a leather jacket, perfect spring outfit. 9. Rihanna looks cool in a pair of worn out jeans, sneakers, and a cool sweater. 10. We like Cameron Diaz's military green jacket.
We are constantly inspired by our favorite celebrities and their street style! With sunnier days, we noticed that the biggest fashionistas were decked out in their designer sunnies. Click on the pics to see this week's best celebrity
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Rachel Zoe Finally Uses A Baby Stroller!

Thursday 9:45 AM, 01/03/2012
We spotted the most stylish mum, Rachel Zoe! She was out with her son Skyler in Beverly Hills. This most be the first time that Rachel uses a baby stroller. We're used to see her carry Skyler, maybe it got kind of heavy for her arms.
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