Rachel Bilson

25 August 1981, Los Angeles, USA
33 years

Ricky Martin, Jordan Carey, Adam Brody, Hayden Christensen,
Rachel Bilson is most famous for playing Summer on the hit tv-show O.C. Used to date her former co-star Adam Brody and has also dated Hayden Christensen. Loves Stella McCartney, Coco Chanel and shoes.

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Hey Shorty! The 10 Tiniest Celebs In Hollywood!

Wednesday 3:08 PM, 30/05/2012
2. Mary-Kate and Ashley might be twins and look alike, but Mary-Kate is shorter. She's 4'11.8". 3. Paula Abdul is 4'11.8". 4. Eva Longoria loves her heels, we're not surprised when she's barely over 5 feet. 5. We all know how funny it looked when Hayden Panettiere was standing by her former boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko's side, since is just 5'! 6. Kristen Bell is 5'1"! 7. We know that one day, Hilary Duff's son will be taller than her. She's 5'1". 8. Nicole Richie has always been petite at 5'1". 9. The longer twin is Ashley, she's 3 cm taller at 5'1". 10. Mischa Barton always looked so tall next to Rachel Bilson in The O.C. That's because Rachel is 5'1".
Do you ever wonder how tall your favorite celebs are? They always look like they have legs for miles, but that's usually because of amazing heels a...READ MORE ▶
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Rachel Bilson Is Longing For A Baby!

Saturday 9:58 AM, 12/05/2012
Rachel Bilson is ready to have a baby!
Rachel Bilson was spotted out and about with a friend and her baby in Hollywood. Rachel carried the baby and drove the wagon all the time, and it looked good on her too. Maybe Rachel and her on-and-off boyfriend Hayden Christensen will be parents soon!
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Hottest Celebrity Trend: Ripped Jeans!

Thursday 11:03 PM, 10/05/2012
One of the ultimate celebrity trends that never go out of style are ripped jeans. We've spotted some of our favorite celebs like Rihanna in these jeans. Click on the pics and check it out!
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Divine In Denim: Rolled Up Jeans!

Friday 2:45 PM, 27/04/2012
We love Rachel's cute knitted shirt! Jordana Brewster looks awesome! Rock chic Kristen Stewart. Halle Berry is so relaxed and cool.
It's still a little to chilly outside to wear shorts, and full length jeans can be way too warm these days. We've spotted four fashionistas in something in between- rolled up jeans! It looks cool and springy, and is a little different from how we usually wear our every day pants. Click on the pics and check out how celebs like Rachel Bilson match their rolled up pants!
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The O.C Stars - Where Are They Now?

Thursday 9:08 PM, 26/04/2012
THEN: Benjamin McKenzie played Ryan Atwood, the troubled teenager who moved to Newport Beach.
NOW: Ben has featured in some minor movies since "the O.C" and the TV series 'Southland'. He also has a university degree. Ben is reportedly single but has been linked to Zooey Deschanel. THEN:Rachel Bilson played the superficial Summer Roberts, Marissa's best friend.
NOW:Now Rachel is known for being one of Hollywood's most stylish fashionistas. She has had a few guest roles in series like "Chuck" and "How I Met Your Mother.". She's engaged to Hayden Christensen and is now back on TV playing the lead role in "Hart of Dixie." THEN: Adam Brody played the nerdy Seth Cohen who was hopelessly in love with Summer.
NOW: Adam featured in "Scream 4" back in 2011 and is starring in some minor movies right now. Adam plays drums for the band Big Japan. He was recently in the hot water when he confessed that he was partly responsible for Brad Pitt's split from Jennifer Aniston. THEN: Peter Gallagher played Sandy Cohen, the understanding dad, on the show.
NOW:  Peter has continued with acting and is has starred in movies like "Burlesque," opposite Cher and Christina Aguilera. THEN: Kelly Rowan played Kirsten Cohen on the show, the wife of Sandy and Seth's mother.
NOW:  Today Kelly is mostly doing movies and she's also starred in some TV shows such as "CSI Miami." THEN: Melinda Clarke played the manipulative Julie Cooper on the show, and she was the mother of Marissa.
NOW:  Melinda, who already had an acting career before "The O.C," has starred in some other TV series such as "Nikita." She's divorced and has one daughter. THEN: Tate Donovan played Marissa Cooper's dad on the TV series.
NOW:  Tate is no longer acting and has gone over to the other side of the camera. He's very succesful and has been directing episodes of both "Gossip Girl" and "Glee." THEN: During the third season of "The O.C" Autumn Reeser's character Taylor Townsend appeared on the show and joined as a regular the following season.
NOW:  Autumn is still best known for her role as Taylor, but has starred in some other TV shows afterwards. She played the role Lizzie Grant on "Entourage" during two seasons. THEN: Chris Carmack played Luke Ward, Marissas first boyfriend, on "The O.C."
NOW:  Chris has kept on with his acting career but hasn't done any big movies or TV shows lately. He's starred in episodes of "Desperate Housewives" and "Smallville." He's still modelling from time to time.
Today we're feeling nostalgic and thinking back to times when "The O.C" was everyone's favorite tv show. We loved Summer and Seth, they were so cute together! Back then we thought they'd all grow up to be huge Hollywood stars, but things didn't really turn out the way we believed they would. If you have also been wondering what the cast has been up to ever since the show ended, then click on the pics and find out!
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Celebs Also Eat: 10 Glam Grocery Store Styles!

Wednesday 11:11 PM, 18/04/2012
Rachel Bilson in a cute striped sweater, she seem to have bought the whole store. Alessandra Ambrosio in a lovely maxi skirt. Halle Berry does her shopping in a simple outfit, a tee and jeans shorts. Katherine Heigl Even Rihanna does her own grocery shopping. Jessica Alba is a super mum. Zoe Saldana looks stunning even when she’s out to get some groceries. Taylor Swift heading to the grocery store in a pair of maroon pants. Ashley Tisdale
It's so fun to spot celebs accomplish everyday tasks just like us. We've spotted celebs like Rihanna and Kim Kardashian doing their own grocery shopping. Ever wondered what they're wearing they do mundane tasks? Click on the pictures to find out!
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