Rachel Bilson

25 August 1981, Los Angeles, USA
32 years

Ricky Martin, Jordan Carey, Adam Brody, Hayden Christensen,
Rachel Bilson is most famous for playing Summer on the hit tv-show O.C. Used to date her former co-star Adam Brody and has also dated Hayden Christensen. Loves Stella McCartney, Coco Chanel and shoes.

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Hey There! Your Dog Should Know How To Walk, Right?

Thursday 6:49 PM, 02/05/2013
Gwen Stefani's dog is okay with being carried. Leona Lewis, your dog have legs and they're made for walking! Miranda Kerr's dog looks like a part of her outfit. Nicky Hilton's dog wearing sunglasses on the red carpet. That dog looks kinda heavy, Rachel Bilson!
One celebrity trend that never seems to go out of style is having your dog as an accessory, which we find kinda bizarre. Your dogs have four legs - and it should use it too! But the biggest stars love carrying their best friends around, so click on the pics and check out spoiled celebrity dogs!
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Rachel Bilson Stopped By Airport Security - "They Thought She Was I Child"!

Wednesday 5:51 PM, 06/02/2013
No, she doesn't look like a kid to us! She's a woman, not a child!
Rachel Bilson is a very talented woman - but obviously not everyone recognizes her - or even think she's a grown up! Recently the movie sta...READ MORE ▶
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Monday 5:20 PM, 10/12/2012
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Are Hayden Christensen And Rachel Bilson Breaking Up?!

Monday 5:02 PM, 15/10/2012
Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have been dating for like... Forever? Well, the couple have been through both good and bad times, but now sour...READ MORE ▶
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Hayden Christensen Moves Out From Rachel Bilson's L.A Home!

Wednesday 8:43 AM, 12/09/2012
They're moving. Wonder where she'll live next?!
Trouble in paradise, Hayden Christensen and Rachel Bilson? Well, no, not really, but the couple are in face moving out from Rachel's super exclusiv...READ MORE ▶
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Très Comfy Chic, Rachel Bilson!

Wednesday 12:11 PM, 22/08/2012
Nice look, Rach!
Yea we know, fall is just around the corner, but that fact doesn't keep us from still dressing up in cute shorts and tees! Take Rachel Bilson for example, that girl really knows how to look absolutely fabulous wearing just a simple t-shirt and a pair of ripped denim shorts- and we love those leopard boots! We'd wear this any day, Rach!
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