Prince William

21 June 1982, London, England
32 years

Kate Middleton
Prince William is the son of the Prince of Wales and Princess Diana. His younger brother is [url=/prince]Prince Harry[/url]. Prince William attended Eton and St. Andrews University. Will someday be King of England. He married Kate Middleton the 29th of April 2011

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New Hot Rumors: "Kate Middleton Is Pregnant!"

Thursday 2:13 PM, 13/09/2012
They've been longing for kids for long now! Are you hiding a little belly there, Kate?
Hooray! Sounds like there will be a new little member of the Royal Family pretty soon! Kate Middleton recently turned down a glass of wine during t...READ MORE ▶
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Fake It 'Til You Make It! Celebrity Wax Dolls!

Thursday 11:05 PM, 23/08/2012
Michael Jackson? Kim Kardashian? Prince William & Kate Middleton? Robert Pattinson? Or Justin Bieber?
Some wax dolls look-alikes from Madame Tussauds are so alike that they scare us- and others just freak us out being so creepy. Yea, some of them are just big failures, but others look pretty much like the real celebrity. We've gathered these dolls and now it's up to you to decide: which one looks the most like the real life celebrity? Vote and tell us why!


Which Doll Looks Most Real?

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Who's Prince Charming?! Prince Harry Vs. Prince William!

Monday 9:12 PM, 13/08/2012
We're all looking for Prince Charming, right? Yea, we all know how it is to kiss frogs in the search, but for some lucky women the prince is already a prince for real from the beginning- like Prince Harry and Prince William! During the Olympics we've seen them two a lot, and they seem like two nice gentlemen. But the question is, of course, who is the hottest Prince Charming from Great Britain? Vote!


Who's The Hottest Prince?

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Kate Middleton HUMILIATED By The Queen!

Wednesday 8:33 AM, 04/07/2012
Queen Elizabeth.
Last week Queen Elizabeth of England enforced a new protocol that basically said that princesses by blood are higher than princesses by marriage. S...READ MORE ▶
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Prince William- Just Another Frog Or Prince Charming?

Wednesday 9:17 PM, 20/06/2012
We had a major crush on Britain's Prince William when we were younger. But of course, as we turned older- so did he. But the question remains: is he Prince Charming or is he just another frog? Hot or not? That's up to you, so vote and tell!


Is Prince William Hot Or Not?

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Will and Kate Are Ready For Babies!

Thursday 8:49 AM, 05/04/2012
They'd make great parents!
Is it finally time for a royal baby? It's almost been one year since Prince William and Kate Middleton said "I do" and we're all on baby bump watch...READ MORE ▶
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