Prince William

21 June 1982, London, England
31 years

Kate Middleton
Prince William is the son of the Prince of Wales and Princess Diana. His younger brother is [url=/prince]Prince Harry[/url]. Prince William attended Eton and St. Andrews University. Will someday be King of England. He married Kate Middleton the 29th of April 2011

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The Bride Has Left The Building!

Friday 1:07 PM, 29/04/2011
She looks radiant! The legendary Sir Elton John and his partner David Furnish! Typical Posh to dress in all black on a wedding!
Kate Middleton departed her London hotel "The Goring" just mere hours ago to head down to the prestigious West Minister Abbey where she is to marry Prince William later this afternoon. We got a sneak peak of her wedding dress, but not a good enough one to properly comment on it yet. However we love the laced sleeves!

Half an hour later, we also saw Prince William arriving with his brother Prince Harry and after that we spotted some very famous wedding guests! Elton John with his partner David Furnish and the Beckhams! Aaahh it's all about to go down. Have you got wedding fever yet?
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Britain's Got Wedding Fever!

Wednesday 10:38 PM, 27/04/2011
Whole of Britain is gearing up for the royal wedding between Kate Middleton & Prince William this Friday, and no other city has got more wedding fever than London! Fans have already started camping out, hundreds and thousands of flowers are being delivered all across town and spaces as big as several football fields are being prepared and rigged for the arrival of the international media.

Aaah the royal treatment... What we wouldn't give to have a whole city doing everything they can to give us our perfect dream wedding!
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Hiphop Royalty to Sing at Royal Wedding?!

Monday 7:15 PM, 25/04/2011
We spotted a fresh-faced Beyonce leave the Meurice hotel in Paris with her unusually long-haired boyfriend Jay-Z yesterday and the singer was all smiles as she waved to the paparazzi! What she's so happy about? Well, we think it's because the couple has been invited to perform at the royal wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton this weekend! It may be just a rumor but seeing as Beyonce and Jay are in Europe anyway we'd go so far as to say we're pretty sure they'll be bringing it on stage as soon as William has "put a ring on it"! (Source: Daily Star)
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Royal Wedding Guest List Revealed!

Sunday 2:50 PM, 24/04/2011
Ian Thorpe Joss Stone Guy Ritchie Rowan Atkinson Elton John
No doubt most of the cameras will be pointed on the couple itself but here's a list of other celebrities that are expected to show up to witness th...READ MORE ▶
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Royal Wedding Scandal - No Ring for Will!

Friday 5:27 PM, 01/04/2011
Kate doesn't look to happy about Will's decision. Hmmm.... Kate's bling! Why to rock that ring!
Every girl's dream is to meet a prince, fall in love, and become a princess. Siiiiiigh. For Kate Middleton (engaged to Prince William!) that dream ...READ MORE ▶
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Prince William and Kate Charm Everyone They Meet!

Friday 11:04 AM, 25/02/2011
Lets hope he gets to become king and not his dad! Cute hairpiece!
As everyone knows by now, there is a huge buzz around British Prince William and his new fiance Kate Middleton ahead of their April wedding. Yester...READ MORE ▶
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