Prince Harry

15 September 1984, London, England
30 years

Chelsy Davy
Prince Harry (Prince Henry Charles Albert David) is the youngest son of Prince Charles and now deceased Princess Diana. His brother Prince William will one day become King of England. Prince Harry is known to party hard and often creates scandalous headlines in the English press.

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Prince Harry Is Now Mollie King's Prince Charming!

Wednesday 4:08 PM, 11/04/2012
Mollie is falling for Harry, so sweet! Harry is so cute!
Super posh couple alert! We've heard that pop princess Mollie King is dating Prince Harry! And it's such a cute story! Harry and Mollie first met t...READ MORE ▶
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Awkward Celebrity Smiles!

Monday 9:16 PM, 21/11/2011
Robbie Williams looks like he's in pain! Drew Barrymore. Oh Prince Harry! Anne Hathaway, what's so funny? Piper Perabo! Botox much, Kathy Griffin? Nicole Scherzinger Avril Lavigne.
Sometimes celebs forget to put on their game face when facing the paps. They flash those pearly whites and the result is blinding...and not in a good way! For all you wanna-be stars out there, remember, practice your smile! Too much teeth can look scary! Click on the pics to see more celebs who said "cheese" a bit too hard!
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Latest news

The Party Prince! Harry Caught Drinking and Gambling in Vegas!

Monday 4:40 PM, 21/11/2011
Prince Harry with his brother Prince William
Prince Harry was visiting Las Vegas over the weekend, but ended his Saturday night in a not so royal way! Harry took his friends dancing, Cirque de...READ MORE ▶
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Chelsy Davy Looks Great!

Monday 4:58 PM, 19/09/2011
We spotted Prince Harry's ex: Chelsy Davy. She looked really pretty in her white dress and black blazer.
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Prince Harry's GF, Florence, Shows Her Street Style: Fug or Cute?

Tuesday 2:12 AM, 26/07/2011
Prince Harry's new girlfriend, Florence Brudenell-Bruce, was spotted out and about in London. We like her casual style with the navy blue maxi dress and Converse shoes, but we're kinda weirded out by her strange, pink belt. Since she's going to be in the spotlight a lot more now, maybe she should hire a stylist? Thoughts on the or not?
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Prince Harry's New Girlfriend Loves The Spotlight!

Friday 12:42 AM, 15/07/2011
Perhaps your future Mrs Right hangs out at art galleries rather than exclusive night clubs, Harry?
Ever since underwear model (and infamous party girl) Florence Brudenell-Bruce was revealed to be Prince Harry's new girlfriend, paparazzi photos of her have been spreading like wildfire. She is always smiling and looking into the cameras too, looking super content over the paparazzi's presence.

We can't help but think that Harry is looking for girls at all the wrong places! We mean if he can't find a girl like his brother who has both brains and looks, would it perhaps not be better to just settle for brainy? If you never try, you never know Harry!
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