Jun 28 2009 7:01 AM

Who Will Take Care of Michael Jackson's Children?!

Michael Jackson's death has had an enormous impact on the world but the three people who will probably be most affected by it are Michael's three children Michael Joseph, Jr...

Jun 26 2009 6:25 AM

Michael Jackson dead!

Michael Jackson, The King of Pop, died in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon after suffering an apparent heart attack...

May 31 2009 10:14 PM

Prince Harry Parties Polo Style!

Prince Harry is in New York City at the moment where he played in the 2nd Annual Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic yesterday afternoon...

May 21 2009 5:05 PM

Paris Hilton: " I wanted to be like Princess Diana"!

Well apparantly Paris does have a film showing at the Cannes Film Festival...

May 14 2009 10:17 AM

Will Kate Be Prince William's Queen?

Prince William is probably going to be the next King of England, and we think he is going to be the best looking King ever...

Mar 5 2009 11:21 AM

OMG! Did Rihanna & Chris Get Married?!

There are more shocking rumours flying around about Chris Brown and Rihanna's past week-end together...

Feb 24 2009 8:26 AM

Sweden's Crown Princess Victoria's Engagement Ceremony Today!

Crown Princess Victoria and her long-time boyfriend, gym-owner Daniel Westling will be engaged today in an official ceremony at 13...

Feb 13 2009 2:15 PM

Prince Harry Punished by British Army!

The racist comments caught on British Prince Harry's videoblog have got him in lots of trouble...

Feb 1 2009 4:16 PM

Chelsy Davy parties away her sorrows?!

Chelsy Davy looked a little worse for wear when she left the nightclub Boujis in London the other night...

Jan 26 2009 10:30 PM

Prince Harry Available Again!

The British newspapers are saying that Prince Harry rhas split from his girlfriend of 4 years,Chelsy Davy...