Pixie Lott

12 January 1991, Kent, England
24 years

Pixie Lott is a British singer and actress. Pixie Lott´s first hit single was "Mama Do" in 2009. She later that year released her debut album Turn it up

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Olympic's Fever: Celebrity's Favorite Sports!

Friday 11:03 PM, 29/06/2012
Happy Potter-actress Chloe Green enjoys playing tennis, especially on the beach! Kylie Jenner has together with sister Kendall been on a high school cheerleading squad. Pixie Lott enjoys dancing and has been doing so on british tv-show "Let's Dance for Sports Relief". Paris Hilton often takes her bike for a ride! Willow Smith is big into gymnastics and has been on her school team! David Hasselhoff likes to ride his motorbike - does that count as a sport? Geri Halliwell does loads of yoga to stay in shape. Kary Perry showed off her olympic nails on Twitter! Her favourite sporta are golf and ice skating. Rihanna does a little bit of everything and love fotball in particular. Her schedule is so busy though that she does not have time to play a lot.
Have you catched the Olympic's fever yet? We think we might have! There are so many sports we love to play like beach volleyball, dodge ball and ping-pong. Stars also love to play sports not only to stay in shape but to have some fun quality time with their friends and loved ones! Click on the pics and see what sports celebs like Paris Hilton and Rihanna likes the most!
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Power To The Flower! Celebs With Hippie Hair Pieces!

Thursday 11:13 PM, 21/06/2012
Katy Perry wearing a flowery dress and a matching garland in her hair. Kristen Dunst's flowers are sweet but descret. Vanessa Hudgens is all in on the hippie flower trend. Pixie Lott decided to keep it simple! Like mother, like daughter! Heidi Klum and Leni Samuel chose yellow buttercups
The music festival season is here so how about some hippie flowers in your hair? Stars like Vanessa Hugens and Katy Perry are wearing a summery garland while Pixie Lott kept it simple with just a few flowers. Click on the pictures for the best summer inspo!
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Fashion Alert: Pixie Lott's Cool Dress!

Thursday 10:23 AM, 07/06/2012
Pixie Lott and her boyfriend, Oliver Cheshire, were out partying recently and Pixie was wearing a black dress with yellow and turquoise panels hanging on each side of her hips! We've never seen a dress like and yes, we love it!
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Grrr! Celebs Go Wild And Crazy With Leopard Prints!

Monday 7:06 PM, 14/05/2012
Olivia Newton-John is wearing a trendy scarf. Cheryl Cole looks happy in her leopard pants! Emma Bunton has got some wild heels on. Sarah Harding is also a fan of leopard pants. Way to lighten up that lilac dress Tori Spelling! Pippa Middleton knows whats up! Katie Price wearing her favorite animal print. Nice jacket Olivia Palermo! We love Anna Sophia Robb's yellow version of leopard print!
It's time to go wild and guess what? This trend can be worn in just about anyway! From shoes to pants to jackets- this fierce print is a fave. Emma...READ MORE ▶
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They're Just Like Us! Celebs Also Get Zits!

Friday 3:45 PM, 04/05/2012
Poor Britney Spears has got a huge zit on her face. Ashley Olsen's forehead is covered with tiny pimples. Singer Pixie Lot has covered her acne with a lot of make up. Olivia Wilde. Rihanna's lifestyle gives her bad breakouts.
Isn't it always the case that pimples always pop up right before a big date, presentation, or a hot party? We feel like we always get a big, red zit on our chin right before we're supposed to do something important. But we're not alone! Celebrities are just like us and they also have skin problems and get unwanted pimples. We've spotted six celebs like Whitney Port and Rihanna with bad skin- click on the pics to see!
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Pixie Lott's babydoll style!

Tuesday 10:49 AM, 01/05/2012
Pixie Lott has a great sense of style! She really likes that cute, babydoll look and it suits her very well too. Here in a white babydoll dress with a blue jacket, red peeptoe heels and a handbag with Britain's banner on it, since she's British!
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