8 September 1979, Doylestown, Pennsylvania, USA
35 years

Carey Hart, Tommy Lee
Pink is a singer who was baptised Alecia Beth Moore. Is a true blonde but has colored her hair several times. She has pierced her nipples. Is a strict vegetarian and has critcized Beyonce for wearing fur. She and on and off again husband, Carey Hart had a child in June 2011
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Star Strucked! Tons Of Celebs At VMA Arrivals!

Sunday 10:58 AM, 02/09/2012
Zoe Saldana The Wanted The Wanted Rita Ora & Drake Peter Facinelli, Elizabeth Reaser, Bill Condon, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Jackson Rathbone Ashley Richards & Demi Novato Nicki Minaj Rebel Wilson & Rhianna Gabby Douglas Swizz Beatz & Egypt Daoud Ibarr Dean Andy Samberg Emma Watson Pink
OMG we don't know where to look, all these stars at the VMA's are blinding our eyes! One, Direction, Drake, Rihanna, Pink, Demi Lovato, Nicki Minaj to name A FEW.. you are got to be kidding us!
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Blurry Night! Pink Shys Away!

Tuesday 7:59 AM, 14/08/2012
Don't be shy, Pink!
Pink arrives back at her hotel in London, England looking like a true SHY rockstar. We just wanted to say Hello, Pink..
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Cool Cat! Pink's Hot Sweatpant Look!

Monday 9:21 AM, 13/08/2012
Take it easy Pinky!
Pink is so hot she need to cool herself down with an iced tea! We love the way she matches baggy sweatpants with hight leather boots and a tight t-shirt. Great street smart inspiration!
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Top 10 Hair Tips: Alecia 'Pink' Moore!

Monday 9:07 PM, 30/07/2012
2. Silver is a brave shade to rock and Pink does it very well! 3. A cute long blonde pixie with a short side-cut. 4. Pink colored her hair dark brown for a short period. We think it was cool though! 5. A fun way to liven up your short hair is to keep the very front a bit shorter than the rest, like Pink has done in this picture! 6. Super short! 7. Pink goes platinum blonde, almost white-haired! 8. Pink in slightly longer hair, long enough to put behind her ears. 9. Fabulous hair-do, short on the sides and blow dried backcomb with volume. 10. It feels good to know that even pink has bad hair days, when she does she simply puts on a cool hat instead.
From pink to platina blonde to silver - Alecia 'Pink' Moore has been pulling of tons of cool hair-cuts through out the years. What we really love about Pink is that she has her own style and does not seem to care too much about what a popstar should or shouldn't look like. Such an inspiration! Click on the pictures to see top 10 cool Pink hair-cuts!
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Pink Goes Vintage In The Video For 'Blow me (One Last Kiss)!

Sunday 8:02 PM, 29/07/2012
It's finally here people! Pink is back and she suprises us with an arty vintage video, directed in a dreamy-like scenery, for her latest single Blow Me (One Last Kiss), which is the first single from Pink’s new album “The Truth About Love.” The video is a true depiction of complicated love and manifests itself differently from her former sarcastic and colorful videos (like "So What" or "Stupid Girls"). This one is more like a whimsical nod to classic French cinema, tastefully filmed in black and white. Check out the video below to travel back in time with Pink!
You need Flash player 8+ and JavaScript enabled to view this video.
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The Street Is My Runway! This Week's Top 10 Street Style Looks!

Friday 9:08 PM, 27/07/2012
2. Ashley Tisdale took a walk in Hollywood wearing worn white jeans and short beige ankle boots with buckles - so hot! 3. Jessica Biel is a classy lady with tight black jeans and a peach colored lose long sleeved top. Check out her sunglasses too, they have the same shade! 4. Jessica Alba always succeed to use fun poppin' colors! This hot pink and red striped top of her dress is too cute. 5. Jordana Brewster in a knee long white lace skirt, flip flop sandals and baby blue shirt. We appreciate the effort she made to tie her shirt at the bottom - so simple and so right! 6. Tight jeans, a loose top, big purple scarf and sand colored short cowboy boots - Selena Gomez is such an inspiration for cool street style! 7. We love CSI-actress Marg Helgenberger's long black and white striped batik skirt! 8. Rose McGowan is wearing every fashionista's right now favourite, Isabel Marant trainers! 9. The sun is shining on Selma Blair in her white shorts and black and white striped v-neck top! 10. Vanessa Hudgens is rock'n'roll chic in black skinny jeans and a blue vest top. The guitar case, of course, adds to her awsomeness!
We always seem to get the best fashion inspiration from our favorite celebrities! They're rocking the street like it's their runway, and we love it! This week we've seen stars like Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Jessica Alba out and about looking smashing in fun colors, flip flops and skinny jeans. Click on the pics for this week's best fashion inspo from 10 fashionista celebs!
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