Peter Andre: "Jordan is Disgusting!"

Monday 12:41 PM, 10/08/2009
The fight is on!

The fight is on!
The big drama that is the Peter Andre and Jordan aka Katie Price divorce just got nastier! Now that Jordan has admitted that she is dating cage fighter Alex Reid, it looks like her ex Peter Andre is upset and looking for a fight! He has been talking to the press saying he thinks she is disgusting flaunting her new boyfriend in front of everyone, especially Peter and Jordan's young kids Junior and Princess Taimi. Peter says the children are very confused by the new man in their mommy's bed and keep asking questions about it. Peter is so upset he is going to launch a full on custody battle over the kids with Jordan now. Jordan better clean up her act if she wants to keep her kids! (Source: The Sun)


Who should get the kids?

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Evil Jordan...(non member) 1
10/08/2009 4:55 PM
Jordan is a evil cow and I think Pete should get
the kids... she is just a slag...x

peter is a good father (non member) 2
21/08/2009 8:22 PM
jordan will never meet another man like pete the
next man will just chew her up and spit her out
because all that money she as she is like a piece
a shit doesnt worth nothing.she has no respect for
her self and her kids.

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