Peter Andre

27 February 1973, London, England
42 years

Peter Andre is a British popsinger whose celebrity status has dramatically increased since he married British model Jordan. Peter was raised in Australia.

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Valentine's Special: Worst Celebrity Couples!

Tuesday 12:07 PM, 14/02/2012
Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt started dating in 2006 during TV-series "The Hills". In 2007 they announced their engagement and afterwards they were married two times! In 2010 the plastic fantastic couple filed for divorce, but they called it off. On and off on and off. And now no one really cares. Rock star couple Pete Doherty and Kate Moss started dating after her 31st birthday party in 2005. They got engaged and were constantly followed by drug scandals. The tumultuous relationship ended for good in July 2007. Deceased jazz star Amy Winehouse and husband Blake Fielder Civil had an unhealthy relationship with much fighting and drugs. Blake was there the first time Amy took heroin, something he probably regrets today. When the cute couple Rihanna and Chris Brown first started dating they amazed everyone, but all perfect pictures have flaws. In 2009 Rihanna was abused by Chris and pictures of her battered face were all over the internet. Bad boy Chris Brown was given a restraining order by the court. After only knowing each other 96 hours, Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson got married. They eventually had two sons, but got divorced in 2003. A sex tape of the scandalous couple on their honeymoon was stolen and put online. Queen and king of fake tans Katie "Jordan" Price and Peter André became a couple after both participating in "I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here!" in 2003. The relationship did not last forever, but they had two children during it. Junior Savva Andreas Andre and  Princess Tiaamii Crystal Esther Andre. Long unusual names seems to be their thing. Kevin Federline and Britney Spears met at a party in 2004 and he decided to join her world tour, and that's where their love story started. The announced their engagement after months of dating and they had two children together. After their split they had many legal custody problems. 90's couple Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love were not the classic sweet heart couple. They began dating in 1991 and got married in 1992. Their only daughter was born later that year. Unfortunately Kurt Cobain committed suicide two years later. Courney Love is still mad at him for having killed himself and leaving her alone and she recently said that if he came back from the dead, she'd kill him again. After having sex with him. Is there a better way of declaring your love than writing a song about your wife where you kill her in all the ways you probably can? Well, yes, but according to Eminem that is the only way. Eminem and his high school sweetheart Kim Scott started dating in 1989 and got married in 1999. Eminem filed for divorce in 2000 after Kim's second drunk driving conviction. They remarried in 2006 but that marriage ended the same year.
Not a big fan of Valentine's Day? Click on the pics to see pics of the worst celebrity couples ever!READ MORE ▶
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Star Power at the World Music Awards!

Wednesday 11:53 AM, 19/05/2010
Ian Somerhalder Hayden Panettiere and Michelle Rodriguez Peter Andre Michelle Rodriguez Rachel Hunter Hayden Panettiere Karolina Kurkova Victoria Silvstedt Jennifer Lopez Ludacris Shannon Rusbuldt, designer Tommy Hilfiger and Dee Hilfiger wow! Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony Kathy Hilton and Rick Hilton, Hofit Golan Roberto Cavalli and Paris Hilton Clotilde Courau Andrea Bocelli Shay Hayley and Pharrell Williams
The World Music Awards were held last night in Monte Carlo and it was an even more star-studded event than usual because the Cannes Film Festival is happening right now just around the corner! Paris Hilton and her sister Nicky Hilton looked amazing in nude toned dresses but all eyes were definitely on Jennifer Lopez and her animal print maxi dress with the sexy cut-out pattern. Jennifer was also one of the star performers of the night. Hot!
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Excuse me?

Jordan Marries Her Cage Fighter Boyfriend!

Wednesday 3:57 PM, 03/02/2010
Odd couple or were they made for each other?
What a shock! Last time we heard from Katie Price aka Jordan, she was ready to breakup with her new boyfriend cage-fighter Alex Reid! Jordan apologised for her crazy behaviour while she was with Alex, as the two got together almost immediately after Jordan and ex husband Peter Andre split up! But now, just after Alex's Celebrity Big Brother win, Jordan suddenly changed her mind and we just heard that the couple got married in las Vegas yesterday! It was a quickie wedding ceremony with only a few close friends and family, and of course Katie's reality TV show cameras too! We can't believe this! What do you think of the new? (Source: Mirror)


What do you think of this marriage?

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Celebrity Breakups 2009!

Friday 8:19 AM, 01/01/2010
Celebrity Breakups 2009!
Chris Brown and Rihanna ended their relationship in a tragic way Taylor Swift and Taylor Lautner Michelle Williams and Spike Jonze Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins Jessica Simpson and Tony Romo Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green Katy Perry and Travis McCoy Vanessa Minnillo and Nick Lachey (who are now back together!) Deryck Whibley and Avril Lavigne Samantha Ronson and Lindsay Lohan Shane West and Evan Rachel Wood Janet Jackson and Jermaine Dupri Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel Hayden Panettiere and Milo Ventimiglia Peter Andre and Jordan Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal Camilla Belle and Joe Jonas
A lot happened during the year that passes, from assault to wedding and various celebrity scandals. New couples were formed in Hollywood but several couples also chose to separate during 2009. Chris Brown and Rihanna ended their relationship in a tragic way, Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson broke up, got back together, and broke up again and, everyone's favorite couple Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal ended the year by ending their relationship. We hope next year is a better year for Hollywood couples and for all our readers too! Happy New Year!
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Latest news!

Jordan Ausssie Shocker: " I have acted a right twit!"

Wednesday 7:05 AM, 25/11/2009
Jordan Ausssie Shocker: " I have acted a right twit!"
Katie Price AKA Jordan recently decided to return to the Australian jungle where 6 years she got together with her ex husband Peter Andre on the reality tv show "I'm a Celebrity, get me out of here!", but yesterday it all got too much for her and she decided to quit the show! In an interview Katie explained that she thought she would get the closure she needed by going back to the place where it all began for her and Pete, but she says it was way too emotional and she couldn't stay! Katie also made a shocking announcement during the interview! She has decided to split from Alex Reid, the cage fighter she has been dating since she split from Andre 7 months ago. Katie says she realises she has been acting like an idiot with Alex and has finally come to her senses! Wow, what a turn around! Here is the interview:
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Peter Andre Performs Live!

Wednesday 7:09 AM, 16/09/2009
Peter Andre Performs Live!
The ladies still love Pete, we are sure his comeback will be huge!
Peter Andre is planning his huge new comeback after his breakup with wife and reality TV co-star Jordan aka Katie Price! He has recorded a new album and he performed one of his new songs on Britain's ITV morning show today and Pete says it is the most personal of all the songs on the album, so it must be all about Jordan! Listen to the song, "Call the doctor" below and vote on what you think about it!


Peter Andre's song:

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