Pete Wentz

5 June 1979, Illinois, USA
35 years

Ashlee Simpson
Pete Wentz is a member of the band Fall Out Boy. He is half Hawaiian. He also owns his own clothing company (Clandestine Industries) and record company (Decaydance). He played himself on a few episodes of One Tree Hill. He is engaged to singer Ashlee Simpson. 170 cm tall.

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Ashlee Simpson: Rocker, Plastic, or Indie-cool?

Friday 9:34 PM, 12/08/2011
2005. Ash went from dark to light! 2005. Is this Jessica Simpson...? No, it's Ashlee! Doesn't look like the rocker we're used to! 2006. We think that Ash had an identity crisis during this time. Am I a cool rocker or a blonde bombshell? 2007. Ashlee got a nose job and got rid of her bump! 2007. She's cute, but she looks like everyone else in Hollywood! 2008. When Ashlee met Pete Wentz she dropped the beauty queen look. Good choice! 2008. Preggers and beautiful! 2009. This is how she should look like! 2009. Woah! 2011. Ashley is cute in her blond short hair! What do you think?
Rocker, plastic, or cool indie girl...yup, Ashlee Simpson has gone through some major style makeovers during her many years in the spotlight. We think that Ash has had some kind of identity crisis, especially during 2006-2007 when she was turning more and more into her sister Jessica, with blonde waves, a nose job,and silicon lips!

Which style do you like the most on Ashlee? Click on the pictures to see her fashion makeover from 2004 until today!

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Pete Wentz Is Keeping Busy!

Tuesday 7:23 PM, 12/07/2011
Pete Wentz isn't just sitting at home moping over his divorce with Ashlee Simpson, he's getting out there and keeping busy with one girl after the other! Just a few days ago we spotted him having coffee with his ex girlfriend Michelle Trachtenberg, and yesterday he was seen having lunch with a mystery brunette at Toi on Sunset Rockin' Thai Food in Los Angeles. Pete was wearing a t-shirt from his own clothing brand "Clandestine Industries" with message 'The Not Fucking Around Crew' printed on it, but to be honest, we think that might just be exactly what he's doing!
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Pete Wentz Is Moving On With Michelle Trachtenberg!

Wednesday 2:32 PM, 06/07/2011
Or should we say moving back? ;) As you may remember, Pete Wentz and Gossip Girl star Michelle Trachtenberg used to date right before he met his so...READ MORE ▶
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Ashlee Simpson's New Love Look-a-like!

Wednesday 3:06 PM, 22/06/2011
Here's Vincent.... And here's Pete, they look kinda alike right?
Ashlee Simpson has found herself a new beau! If watch Boardwalk Empire then you'll recognize Vincent Piazza. He's pretty cute and seem like a good match for Ashlee. But Ashlee did just file for divorce a few months ago, so it's a bit fast...right? Do you guys think so? And while Vincent is cute and all, he does look just a bit like Ashlee's ex, Pete Wentz. (infdaily)
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Picture special

Friday 9:05 PM, 20/05/2011
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Ashlee Simpson Gets Her Rebound Revenge!

Friday 1:15 PM, 11/03/2011
Oh this is low Ashlee Simpson! As you all know, Ashlee has filed for divorce against her rocker husband Pete Wentz and we have been hearing that th...READ MORE ▶
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