Pete Doherty involved in murder?

Thursday 9:02 PM, 09/07/2009
Pete Doherty involved in murder?

It was a bit more than two years ago since Mark Blanco died on the pavement after falling 30ft from a balcony during a party. Even though the police couldn't find anything suspicious with his death is Mark's mother Sheila Blanco desperately trying to find out what really happened that night. A surveillance camera captured Pete Doherty leaving the party at that moment with a female friend, almost stepping over Mark's lifeless body and ran away. "He didn't stop to see whether he could help, or even check on how bad Mark's injuries were," says Mrs Blanco. "It's just callous and inhumane. It made me feel sick when I saw it. You wonder where people's souls are." The situation remains very unclear when the Babyshambles singer has according to sources been in a fight with Mark Blanco and two others right before the accident. We know that Pete has a tendency to be wild, but could possibly be a murderer? All we can say is that what comes around goes around. We'll just have to follow up the investigation before any conclusions! (Source: Daily Mail)


Do you believe Pete is involved?

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Totsi757(stardoll)(non member) 1
09/07/2009 9:16 PM
I can't believe Kate Moss had a relationship (and
a kid??) with him. He is so drugged out, its not
even funny. It seems he's gotten alittle chubby
too. He was probally so high, that he didn't even
noticed there was a body.

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