Paulo Melim Andersson

1 January 1960,
55 years

Paulo Melim Andersson is a Swedish fashion designer who is the chief designer at Chloé. He has worked for Marni too.
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Heidi Montag launches her new clothing line at Kitson!

Monday 6:16 PM, 21/04/2008
Heidi Montag launches her new clothing line at Kitson!
Love the shoes! Cute Chloé dress! Proud boyfriend!
The Hills star Heidi Montag was spotted in the trendy store Kison in West Hollywood when they unveiled her new clothing line HeidiWood this weekend. Heidi was wearing a Chloé dress and shoes (that we love!) and seemed overjoyed to see her collection in stores! Her boyfriend Spencer was just as happy as Heidi and was so proud he started to take pictures of his girlfriend with his Iphone. Now we'll just have to wait and see if Heidis clothes will sell because unfortunately, they weren't especially cute.
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