Paula Abdul

19 June 1962, San Fernando, California, USA
52 years

Paula Abdul, the sister of Michael Jackson, is a successful singer, dancer and TV-personality. Paula has been a chearleader for Los Angeles Lakers. Michael Bolton was her babysitter when she was little. Paula loves The Beach Boys.
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Celebs Send Their Prayers To Boston Marathon Bomb Victims!

Tuesday 7:59 AM, 16/04/2013
On Monday afternoon, two bombs exploded close to the finish line of Boston Marathon. Three people, one only 8 years old, is confirmed dead, ...READ MORE ▶
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Paula Abdul Is Becoming A Mom!

Saturday 10:02 AM, 15/12/2012
The biological clock is ticking faster and faster for Paula Abdul but sources reveals that she has put the wheels in motion, she's becoming a mom! ...READ MORE ▶
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10 Flirty Fun Facts Of Zac Efron!

Thursday 12:14 PM, 13/09/2012
2. When Zac first met Angelina Jolie, he got really nervous and “turned into a fifth grader”. Aww! 3. Simon Cowell offered Zac a record deal but he declined. “Acting is my thing” he said. 4. Zac got his first kiss in 7th grade during a game of Truth and Dare. 5. His favorite junk food is bacon cheeseburgers, oh yum! 6. Zac has a lucky charm, a dogtag necklace that he received from Paula Abdul. It has a message engraved “Reach for the stars, you might just become one!” 7. “London is the coolest city ever” says Zac. Will you take a weekend trip there with us, maybe? 8. Did you think Zac was just hot in Hollywood? No, no - High School Musical has been televised in over 100 countries worldwide! 9. Zac can juggle very well. We would like to take a lesson from him.. 10.  The hunky star wears both boxers and briefs, but not at the same time.
Zacky-Zac may be one of the hottest celebrities we know. He has three new movies in the making, romantic comedy "Are We Officially Dating?" being one of them - oh we can't wait! Just because we are so anxious to catch this heartthrob on the big screen, we've collected 10 amazing pictures and flirty fun facts of the star. Click on the pictures to find out when Zac Efron had his first kiss and why he turned down a recording deal!
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Top 10! Best Dressed Celebs Of The Week!

Tuesday 9:02 PM, 11/09/2012
2. Idol ex-judge Paula Abdul has a kimono inspired dress on. We like how her waist band is two colored. Tumbs up! 3. Do you guys remember Ashlee Simpson?! Neither do we! But that jumpsuit she's got on is real cute and the platform sandals are a keeper too. 4. Actress Isla Fisher went for a beige polka dotted dress as she and the family celebrated a fun day at the zoo. The color scheme complimentes her hair real well! 5. There is nothing wrong with putting on a pair of jeans and a cute embroided tunic like Jordana Brewster! We wouldn't mind lending that awsome leather handbag either. 6. Frill is fantastic! Katherine Heigl's skirt is really flirty and look, she has a snake skin handbag. Well done Kat! 7. Who says you have to wear dull clothing when attending a Fashion Week party?! Rachel Zoe's long red flowery dress lightens up the room! 8. Kylie Minogue is everyday chic with denim shorts and a white crochet cardigan. Oh and don't forget that Chanel purse! 9. Ri-ri-rihanna does it again! Orange lose dressy pants and a retro styled Kenzo t-shirt. Way to go girlfriend! 10. Black, shiny and simple are the keywords for Gwyneth Paltrow's Little Black Dress. Gorgeous!
This week it didn't take too long for us to find a bunch of really fashionable celebrity looks. It may be because of New York Fashion Week, but then again- it may just be that our stars love their fashion! Lauren Conrad went all in with pattern and colors while Gwyneth Paltrow went for the classic Little Black Dress. Click on the pictures to see more of this week's best dressed celebrities!
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Top 10 Beauty Tip: Safe Tanning!

Friday 11:14 PM, 06/07/2012
2. Anna Paquin needs to stay pale for her vampire role on ‘True Blood’ but in between filming she often gets a spray tan. “It’s amazing how different your body looks with a good spray tan as anyone facing a job where they’re naked would!” the star says. 3. Choosing the right shade of fake tan can be a tough decision, it has been revealed that Pippa Middleton's shade “royal mocha” is the most requested at British tanning salons. 4. Vanessa Hudgens is a fan a spray tanning and makes sure the ones she has are streak-free. 5. American Idol judge, Paula Abdul, has a favorite tanning spot in New York, called NY Sunclub, where she stops by to get airbrush tans. 6. Celebrity stylist Coco recently revealed that Eva Longoria often comes to her for a spray tan. “"If they haven't quite been to the gym, I can make it look as though they have. I give them an even glow and lightly etch in where the muscle is." 7. Whenever Kim Kardashian is in The Big Apple she goes to celebrity beauty salon Completely Bare to get a spray tan by popular brand St. Tropez. If you cannot stop by the shop, the brand also has a self tan bronzing mousse for home use. 8. Infinity Sun in Beverly Hills is THE sunless tanning place at the moment. They've teamed up with celebrity stylists and are taking Beverly Hills by storm. Celebrity clients like Paris Hilton love the place. 9. Jessica Alba uses product Infinity Sun Glow On The Go to get a sweetly sun-kissed look. 10. Lindsay Lohan gets a spray tan done every now and then. Spray tanners have seen it all and are used to different body shaped so don’t be shy or ashamed of your own body when you get one.
Sunshine or not, summer is here and we want to glow like a goddess! Even on cloudy days you can get an enviable tan like Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba, and Kim Kardashian, who all have their own little tricks to keep a sun-kissed glow all summer long. Click on the pictures to find out what they do to get a tanned look!
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Hey Shorty! The 10 Tiniest Celebs In Hollywood!

Wednesday 3:08 PM, 30/05/2012
2. Mary-Kate and Ashley might be twins and look alike, but Mary-Kate is shorter. She's 4'11.8". 3. Paula Abdul is 4'11.8". 4. Eva Longoria loves her heels, we're not surprised when she's barely over 5 feet. 5. We all know how funny it looked when Hayden Panettiere was standing by her former boyfriend Wladimir Klitschko's side, since is just 5'! 6. Kristen Bell is 5'1"! 7. We know that one day, Hilary Duff's son will be taller than her. She's 5'1". 8. Nicole Richie has always been petite at 5'1". 9. The longer twin is Ashley, she's 3 cm taller at 5'1". 10. Mischa Barton always looked so tall next to Rachel Bilson in The O.C. That's because Rachel is 5'1".
Do you ever wonder how tall your favorite celebs are? They always look like they have legs for miles, but that's usually because of amazing heels a...READ MORE ▶
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