Guess What A-Lister Wants To Sign Pauly D To His Record Company?

DJ Pauly D aka Paul Del Vecchio
Do you have any idea what hot shot platinum selling American rapper would be stupid enough to want to give Jersey Shore star Pauly D a record deal? And even worse, be desperate to do so? Well hold onto your chairs, it's 50 Cent! But wait, it gets worse. They're not just in talks for a few songs or a debut album, no, he actually wants to sign Pauly D for a three-album deal contract!

Sources say that the two met up in New York last week to talk details, and they are very close to finalizing a deal. This is madness! What potential could he possibly see in him? We know that 50 Cent has made quite a name for himself as a business man and Pauly's merchandise sales are through the roof, so perhaps there really is some thought out plan behind all of this... Whether it turns out catastrophic or insanely successful, we're sure it'll at least be very interesting to follow!
DJ Pauly D aka Paul Del Vecchio
50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson
50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson live
American rapper 50 Cent aka Curtis Jackson performing in Sau Paulo
DJ Pauly D aka Paul Del Vecchio
Published Apr 16 2011 2:36 PM
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