Patrick Swayze battles on..!

Monday 5:12 PM, 13/07/2009
Patrick Swayze battles on..!

Patrick Swayze is far too strong to let the cancer invading his body take him just yet. Looking dramatically healthier after an end to his routine chemotherapy treatments, the embattled actor continues to fight on to enjoy the simple pleasures life offers, including fast food, smoking, and the companionship of his brother. Donning a cowboy hat and a newly grown goatee, the miracle man visited an LA fast food restaurant with his brother Saturday afternoon. Swayze does nothing to hide his skeletal frame, the scratches on his arms, or the tubes protruding from his chest, and wears them instead like badges of courage during his tireless battle against cancer. In the eye of the maelstrom of recent health-related celebrity deaths, Swayze continues to grit his teeth and emerge unbeaten, proving that his fight is not nearly over...
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vampire girl(non member) 1
13/07/2009 8:11 PM
omg. it's the same cancer my grandma had. i am
realiy proud of him that he can deal with it and
not giving up.

Totsi757(stardoll) (non member) 2
14/07/2009 12:50 AM
He looks ten times better than he did a few months
ago. He should REALLY give up smoking though. Even
though he still looks skinny, he looks like he has
put on some weight. Keep fighting and you'll beat
it. Nobody puts Patrick in a corner.

LaDonna(non member) 3
14/07/2009 2:33 AM
My prayers for Patrick. I so admire his courage.

Raputsoe(non member) 4
17/07/2009 2:44 PM
i pray for you Patrick, may the Almighty give him
all the strength he need to fight. trust in Jesus
he will take away the pain and suffering for he
did on the cross bear our sins and pain and
sufferings. pleeeeeeeease give up smoking cowboy
and enjoy ya l

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