Parker Posey

8 November 1968, Baltimore, Maryland, USA
46 years

Stuart Townsend, Bryan Adams
Parker Posey is often called the "queen of indie movies" because she often acts in small, low budget movies. She has a twin brother. Parker was named after supermodel Suzy Parker. She is friend with Zoe R. Cassavetes.

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Zac Posen Has Star Power!

Friday 2:41 PM, 16/04/2010
Olivia Palermo Mena Suvari Selma Blair Patricia Fields Maggie Gyllenhaal Sessliee Lopez Selma Blair and  Zac Posen The Like Parker Posey Michelle Tachtenberg Theodora Richards Claire Danes Michelle Tachtenberg Parker Posey Alek Wek
Fashion Designer Zac Posen launched his exciting new "Zac Posen for Target" collection last night in New York City! This means that anyone can afford a gorgeous Zac Posen dress now! Some of Zac's super star friends were at the party to celebrate with him like fashionistas Olivia Palermo and Maggie Gyllenhaal. Zac's BFF Salma Blair was there too and all the ladies were obviously wearing outfits from the new line! Take a look!
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New York Fashionistas All Dressed Up!

Wednesday 2:37 PM, 14/04/2010
Parker Posey Paul Bettany and Jennifer Connelly Theodora Richards Olivia Palermo Alexandra Richards
The Tribeca Ball was held at the New York Academy of Art last night in NYC. So everyone knows, where there is a Ball, there are fashionistas and socialites! Last night was not a disappointment! Supermodel Helena Christensen, Hollywood star Jennifer Connelly and socialites Alexandra Richards and Olivia Palermo were all there and dressed to kill....well some of them were! Take a look!
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What a failure

Mary-Kate Olsen: Phantom of the Opera!

Monday 3:48 PM, 16/03/2009
Mary-Kate Olsen: Phantom of the Opera!
What were they doing there? What was she thinking? Brooke Shields Parker Posey ex-supermodel Claudia Schiffer Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson Ginnifer Goodwin Demi Moore
The Metropolitan Opera in New York celebrated its 125th anniversary season this weekend and of course, the house was packed with celebs! Demi Moore, Ginnifer Goodwin, Claire Danes, Brooke Shields, Claudia Schiffer and couple Joshua Jackson and Diane Kruger were all there to show their support. One star really stood out from the rest, for all the wrong reason, Mary-Kate Olsen looked like a complete ghost in her pale white over-powdered makeup! We were also surprised to see Kanye West and his new girlfriend Amber Rose, she doesn't really seem like your typical opera fan does she?
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