Which Twilight Star Scored Paris' Ex?

Wednesday 11:43 AM, 22/07/2009
Hot new couple!

Hot new couple!
We just found out what has been keeping twilight cutie Nikki Reed so busy this summer! She is dating Paris Hilton ex. You remember him, he is also called Paris! Paris Latsis is most famous for being engaged to Paris Hilton for a while a few years back, but with Twilight being so hot right now, we are sure he is about to become well known all over again! We hear Nikki met the Greek shipping Heir Paris six months ago already and the two have been inseperable ever since. What cute pair!
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gah(non member) 1
23/07/2009 2:05 PM
I must agree they look cute together, but Paris
just wants to gain fame.

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