Paris Hilton "I'm a living proof that blondes are not stupid"

Friday 1:05 PM, 12/12/2008
Paris Hilton "I'm a living proof that blondes are not stupid"

Paris Hilton is fed up with being seen as an airhead. The heiress insists she's nothing like her dopey character in The Simple Life. "I'm very intelligent," she tells The Sun. "I'm capable of doing everything put to me. I've two records, I've launched a perfume and want my own hotel chain. I'm a living proof that blondes are not stupid."


Is Paris just a dumb blond?

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love.tila(non member) 1
12/12/2008 1:32 PM
i don't think she is. i mean, now one knows her,
right? like do you guys think that Victoria
Beckham can't smile? yes, she can!!! nad i think
that Paris is just like us. she is just

Lina(non member) 2
12/12/2008 8:37 PM
i always hear that they say blondes are dumb,but
like who knows just cuz they ve seen some dumb
blondes doesnt mean that every single blonde girl
is dumb so i dont think paris is dumb!!! but like
no one knows her except her friends so we dont

mile (Posh24 member) 3
13/12/2008 12:59 AM
all the time i listen it.. but Paris is not like
if blondes are smart so brunettes are not -.- Im a
brunette ¨:P and brunettes are SO smart...

HAAA HAAA(non member) 4
13/12/2008 1:13 AM
no offence but that's exactly what a blonde WOULD


love.tila(non member) 5
13/12/2008 9:42 PM
haircolor has nothing to do with smart. it's who
we are and not our haircolor. i mean, i from
vietnam and has black hair, so what?! i think
Paris is smart (if we gonna listen to Hayden
Panettiere) and this is her image, like Victoria
Beckham! i think ´the

hennyxxmusicmadxx (Posh24 member) 6
13/12/2008 9:53 PM
i am blonde and i am definetly not stupid my mum
is top manager in a private nusery and shes

Blondie(non member) 7
14/12/2008 12:55 AM
Why does everybody have to say that blonds are
dumb! I am not a blonde but my bestie is and she

love.tila(non member) 8
15/12/2008 8:39 PM
i agree you two! you guys are realiy smart:)

PUH-LEASE(non member) 9
21/12/2008 6:04 PM
She's not even a true blonde....has she forgotten
that minor detail? I guess she believes her eyes
are really blue (colored-contacts), not brown?

fake dumb(non member) 10
22/12/2008 1:11 AM
i think she's not dumb but she acts like it
because she's so spoilt! seriously she should
maybe think about growing up

Hello(non member) 11
22/12/2008 2:06 AM
Well I Think Its Mean How They Say Blondes Are
Dumb There Are Some Really Smart Blondes Out There
And You Might Be Brunette And Then You Dye It
Thats Doesnt Make You Go Dumb

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