Life is one big Party for Paris!

Sunday 7:54 AM, 01/08/2010
Life is one big Party for Paris!

Paris Hilton will party til the day she dies, we're sure. The heiress was seen hosting the 'Supermarxte' Party at Privilege Club in Ibiza, Spain last Friday and she was tearing it up as usual! She's been jet setting across Europe lately, just a few days ago we spotted her in France and before that Monaco! Even though we envy her we wonder if her hardcore party life doesn't ever get just a little bit tiring? It would be fun to see her do something different for a change. Seeing Ms. Hilton have a quiet night at the movies now that would be a sight!
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123(non member) 1
01/08/2010 4:08 PM
i hate u paris

Astrid(non member) 2
01/08/2010 5:33 PM

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