Don't Call Paris a Racist - She Will Sue You!

Friday 1:04 PM, 25/03/2011
Don't Call Paris a Racist - She Will Sue You!

Paris gets serious!

Don't mess with her!

Don't mess with her!

Paris Hilton is in the news again! This time an author claims that she is a racist and has quoted her in a tell-all book. The book is called "Everyone Loves You When You're Dead: Journeys Into Fame and Madness. Its written by Neill Strauss and he claims to have interviewed Paris and writes that she said that she "can't stand black men".

Neill is about to learn what its like to mess with a Hilton! Paris has announced that she has a legal team and they are looking into to taking legal action. Paris' lawyers say that the quotes in the book are absolutely untrue and ridiculous. Watch out Neil, Paris will sue you!
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