Paris Hilton

17 February 1981, New York, USA
34 years

Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Kennedy, Nick Carter, Stavros Niarchos, Doug Reinhardt
Paris Hilton, billionaire heiress, model, actress, designer and queen of scandal. Her great-grandfather was the founder of the Hilton hotel-empire. Paris Hilton two younger siblings, Nicky Hilton and Barron Hilton. Former best friends with Nicole Richie.

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Paris Hilton Makes $2.6 Million For Four DJ Gigs!

Wednesday 10:01 AM, 13/08/2014
Paris Hilton is making crazy money on her DJ gigs at Ibiza's Amnesia club. After only four nights, the 30-year old star has made over $2.6 m...READ MORE ▶
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Kim Kardashian And Paris Hilton Reunited Again!

Monday 12:30 PM, 04/08/2014
Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton are hanging out again. The former best friends have appearently have buried the hatchet, and Kim posted a pi...READ MORE ▶
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Watch Here: Paris Hilton's New Music Video!

Wednesday 11:36 AM, 16/07/2014
Paris Hilton debuted her super pink, flower-filled music video for her latest song "Come Alive" on Tuesday. The 32-year-old heiress dances a...READ MORE ▶
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Picture special

Paris Hilton Reveals: "6 Things You Didn't Know About Me!"

Friday 2:56 PM, 11/07/2014
2. "I've played violin since I was three years old."
3. "I'm a huge tomboy. I go fishing, horseback riding and ATVing."
4. "I own a motorcycle team that competes in Europe."
5. "I make good lasagna."
6. "I go skydiving all the time in places like Maui, Bali and Las Vegas."
Did you think you knew all about Paris Hilton? Well, think again. The socialite, who just released her new single, has revealed six things she's never said before to Gossip Cop, and some of them are kind of surprising. Click on the pics and read them all!
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Street Style

Celebrity Street Style Of The Week!

Thursday 9:11 PM, 10/07/2014
Amanda Seyfried Suki Waterhouse Michelle Keegan Kendall Jenner Rachel Zoe Lily Collins Paris Hilton Jennifer Lopez Emma Watson Nicole Scherzinger
What's great about all these pap pics is that we get tons of fashion inspiration from the stars every single day. We've gathered some pictures from this week, so if you have a lack of inspiration on what to wear this weekend - just click on the pics and check them out!
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